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World-renowned for greatest civilization, magnificent pyramids and brilliant sightseeing’s, Egypt has become the most sought after tour and travel destination in the north-eastern Africa drawing the attention of visitors from every nook and corner of the world throughout the year. Vast monuments such as pyramids of Giza one of the brilliant creatures by man and tombs stands proudly along the serene waters of the mighty Nile, symbolic of long-gone civilizations and 6000 years of continuous history.

Holidaying in Egypt is also about exotic desert safari, chilling on gorgeous beaches, immerse yourself in the equivalent of an underwater theme park and thrilling at the world’s most eye-popping collection of historic relics. Its vibrant culture and antiquity with the comfort of excellent hotels and well appointed cruise on world’s largest river Nile encourage tourists to visit this country from every nook and corner of the world. Whether you prefer to immerse yourself in the chaos of the bustling metropolis that is Cairo, drift down the river Nile to witness the marvels, or simply walk from your air-conditioned room to take a dip in the glittering Red Sea, Holiday Packages in Egypt has some thing for every one.

Due to its wide ranges of attractions and world class amenities, it has become the most favored destination among holiday seekers, honeymoon couples, adventure-enthusiast or simply explorers. Its significance can not be described in human description. The capital city of Egypt and one of the largest cities in Africa, Cairo boasts a surprising number of attractions, from the iconic and looming pyramids of Giza, to the frantic banter to the traders at Khan al-Khalili bazaar. Antique Egypt’s pyramids are landmarks recognized around the world. Most of the people believe that these marvelous creations made by country’s slaves took long years, even decades to build Egyptian pyramid.

The pyramids of Giza are the must see and worth-exploring while visiting this country set on the west bank of the Nile river. Most of them serve as Royal Tombs for kings and queens. The great pyramid of Giza is the only one of seven wonders of the ancient world still standing. Originally 480 feet tall, the Giza Pyramid stands as symbols of Africa best civilization located not far away from Cairo. Considering tourist’s priorities or vacations, we have designed Egypt Travel Packages in such way which brings top sought attractions to the vacationers and gives them unforgettable holidaying experience.

If you are visiting Egypt for adventure purpose, then must go for Nile river cruise presents a wonderful opportunity for intrepid visitors. One of the largest rivers in the world Nile River is the heartthrob of Egypt and there is no other way to experience the wealth of Egyptian history and culture than on a Nile river cruise takes tourists in the world of wonderments. While on Nile river cruise you will see world renowned Egyptian treasures like the legendary pyramids of Sphinx of Giza, the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo, Luxor Temple or many more.

Apart from there are many other attraction places that you can explore through Egypt tour packages named as Siwa Oasis, Abu Simbel, and many historical sites which are just waiting for your presence, so some and explore.

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