Did China Sell Radar Guided Missiles to Iran, Which Gave Them to Hezbollah to Fire Against Israel?

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During the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict where rockets were fired from Lebanon into Israel, it was noted by military analysts and global security consultants from around the world that Hezbollah had advanced weapons that they could not have gotten without a little help. In fact, 75 Iranian military advisors were on hand to help Hezbollah shoot a guided missile into an Israeli warship. More interestingly, was the fact that they used the Lebanon international control tower electronics system to help assist them and guide that weapon.

Now the question remains where did Iran get that technology to give to Hezbollah? One theory is that the Israelis sold China the guided missile systems technology and equipment, and that the Chinese reversed engineered it and sold that weaponry to Iran, who then gave it to Hezbollah to use against the Jewish state. The Israelis were stunned when they are warship was hit with a guided missile. Although, the guided missile did not sink that ship, it did badly damaged it and that was the shot heard round the world. Why you ask?

Simple really, if Iran is giving weapons to Hezbollah, and funding them $ 100 million a year and whereas Iran is buying high-tech military hardware from China; then what else is China selling them? China has nuclear capability. Iran already has given armored piercing rounds to insurgents in Iraq which have been used to kill US troops.

If China is playing around and selling high-tech weapons systems to Iran, and Iran has threatened to blow Israel off the map, and would retaliate against US soft targets in the event that either Israel or the United States attacked their nuclear weapons manufacturing facilities, then we have a huge problem, a problem with China too.

In fact, if you really stop and think about it, it’s almost our rages that the United States of America’s middle class have funded the Chinese war machine and now the Chinese are using that money to develop more advanced technology in the form of weapons to sell to other nations which in turn will end up killing Americans and our allies, in this case Jews.

If China did sell radar guided missiles to Iran, and if that is the same equipment that Hezbollah used to fire against an Israeli warship, then we need to have a serious talk with China, because this is clearly unacceptable. I hope you will please consider this and I am not asking for sanctions or a boycott of Chinese goods right now, but if this type of behavior continues in the world, then the citizens of the world should take action. Including US Consumers

Not long ago, I mentioned this to Guang Wu, the author of a new book; “China: Has the Last Opportunity Passed by!?” and he understood the issues involved, and why the US might be upset, but stated that these issues were far beyond his control, he is just an observer, researcher, and writer.

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