Conflicts Between Farmers and Golf Course in China

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Conflicts Between Farmers and Golf Course in China

In China, golf is still a sport played only by the upper class. Recently, there has been a sense of disharmony between the lower class, mainly the peasants and the elite personalities.

In order to meet the needs of the upper class in their leisure time of playing golf, Chinese real state businessmen are buying a large expanse of lands at a very little cost from the farmers, turning large farmlands into golf course. Farmers actually are not willing to sell the lands to them but they don’t have a choice for their inferior social status. They are not capable of combating the wealthy persons. In China, this is called reality, a country without a comprehensive law system to protect all its citizens, especially those from the lowest class in the society. Not like in the United States, every individual have a knowledge of its law system, and know the importance of protecting himself. In China, farmers don’t know they can say ‘no’ to the upper class, actually, they have been submissive for several thousand years and maybe they are accustomed to be docile. Another important factor for the farmers being indifferent of protecting themselves is that many Chinese farmers are roughly semi-literate or illiterate, especially the older generation. Because of their lack of reading or writing ability, they consequently can’t fall back on their knowledge to defend themselves. Even if some of them have noticed that their rights are being invaded by others, they have not spare money to support lawyer (counsel) fee.

Conflicts between lower class people and real estate agents are hardly a new issue in China. Real estate is a booming economy in china and profit-driven estate businessmen are brutal capitalists. They force demolitions towards the lower people’s houses, with the support of local government. Many lower class people burn themselves to show their rage and hopelessness. This phenomenon have become a potential trigger which may result in social unrest.

While conflicts between farmers and golf dealers may be a new thing. But who can deny it that there is no difference between the phenomena mentioned above. 

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