Common Chat Room Mistakes

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The common etiquette for chat rooms these days can be so confusing. Well I will try to go over a few common mistakes people make that can be severely damaging to your reputation or chat room experience. The main reason you should want to avoid making these mistakes is because a lot of them can hurt other peoples feelings. If you are aiming to make new friends and make people happy you can not afford to make a lot of mistakes. Another reason to avoid these mistakes is you could potentially drive people away from the chat room.

One of the biggest mistakes you can make is accidentally insulting someone else. You may be surprised to find out this can happen without you even noticing. Something you say could be totally misinterpreted and turned into an insult by them. Try to pay close attention to how people react to things you say, this should give you better insight on if you are insulting them or not. If you do end up insulting someone unintentionally you should try to rectify the situation. Avoid jokes that can be inappropriate in a public situation. You also want to stay away from jokes that insult other members of the chat.

One of the smaller things that can sometimes skew peoples view of you is misspelling certain words. I know it may not seem like a major factor in if someone likes you or not but when someone is constantly misspelling things other people can start to form a negative opinion about them. Try avoid using “u” Instead of “you”. Some other commonly misspelled words are “Loose” instead of “Lose” and using the wrong their, there, or they’re. It is not a huge deal if you misspell a word every now and then. Keep in mind if you are casually chatting with a few friends I am sure they would not mind if you used the occasional abbreviation.

Being polite is one of the things you have to constantly maintain if you want to keep others happy. Sometimes you may not feel like responding or saying something, but ignoring people can seem rude at times. If you really are reluctant to speak to someone tell them you have to go or make another excuse. You want to avoid hurting other members feelings at all costs when in online chat rooms. If you are able to follow these guidelines to a reasonable extent you should see a nice improvement in your overall chat room enjoyment.

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