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Upward trend, is located in the Middle East, Saudi Arabia affected by climate, culture, consumer habits, impact on the import of home appliances have their own special requirements, product certification in more features to find home appliances in Saudi Arabia will allow businesses to export certification an excellent position.

Requirements and background Present, the majority of products exported to Saudi Arabia species (including appliances) must be accompanied by a CoC certificate of compliance to show that products meet the relevant technical standards. CoC certificate of conformity is mandatory, not a certificate or do not meet product conformity assessment program requires the goods will be rejected at the destination. In addition, in order to ensure the validity of the certificate, the Saudi Customs also may be a random sample of test product.

Saudi Arabia’s compliance certificate policies can be traced back to 1995. This year, the Saudi Standards Organization (SASO) that one of the first implementation of the provisions of products including conformity assessment, preshipment inspection and certification of the comprehensive plan?? International Conformity Certification Programme (SASOICCP), to ensure that imported goods before shipment of products to fully meet the standards of Saudi Arabia.

However, the plan is only a privately owned company authorized by the Saudi government issued certificate of conformity, and other private companies are only allowed to carry out product testing in accredited laboratories and is considered monopolistic behavior. Followed by Saudi cabinet issued a decree No. No.213, SASOICCP the project will terminate.

2004 8 months, the Saudi Trade Ministry of Industry (MoCI) 2004 8 issued Decree No. 6386, on the basis of the original SASOICCP restructuring plan changes, and adopted a new system of CoC certificate of conformity. The system covers more than the control of product categories, and mandatory for these products are exported to Saudi Arabia must be certified before, to protect the imports are in line with international standards or the Saudi national standards. The original SASOICCP all the application procedures and basic requirements are still in use.

Now, to meet the certification requirements, Saudi Arabia, home appliances first need the appropriate IEC and other international standards. According to insiders, exports of household electrical appliances, in particular, need to pay attention to comply with environmental temperature testing requirements, due to higher temperatures in Saudi Arabia, if the outdoor equipment, the test must be “tropical temperature” test, test temperature at 45 , such as air-conditioning on the need for the experiment. Chi told the high air of the “electrical” Reporter: “We export the Saudi air conditioning are specially designed for local conditions T3 condition models.”

In addition, the Saudi local electrical supply system, or the rated voltage AC127V 220V, 60Hz. And product specification requirements in Arabic or English, for some products require two languages. Of particular note is that any opposition Islamic pictures, documents or in-kind are not allowed to be used.

How to obtain the certificate of conformity?

CoC certificate of conformity to the Saudi government authorized the company to apply for certification. It is reported that already includes Intertek Intertek Group, TUV Rheinland certified companies and many other groups get the Saudi government authorized, issued CoC certificate of conformity. But all the company’s authentication mode is different.

Intertek Intertek Group, Middle East certified Gusu Yi introduction, the company can apply for CoC certificate of conformity, there are three modes.

1. Preshipment verification tests

Exporters before shipment to the Saudi government in local authorities for verification tests before shipment. To be available for inspection by a qualified laboratory in accordance with Saudi national standards and / or test reports issued by international standards, before shipment, the Saudi government organizations authorized to conduct visual inspection of the goods once again confirmed as the language requirement (English and Arabic bilingual logo), brochures and labels, document review and on-site inspection by, the exporter can get CoC certificate of conformity.

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