Cheap Flights to Jeddah ? Jeddah is Amazing Destinations of Saudi Arabia
Cheap Flights to Jeddah ? Jeddah is Amazing Destinations of Saudi Arabia

Cheap Flights to Jeddah ? Jeddah is Amazing Destinations of Saudi Arabia

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Invented the Paris of Arabia, Jeddah is one of the few cities in the region left to keep the traditional roots that make the city it is today. The attempt, the history of Jeddah results in one of the most interesting cities in Saudi Arabia received is undoubtedly a modern metropolis but also with authentic details, pilgrims thronged streets, the souks and covered architecture of coral.

Jeddah is located midway of the country’s Red Sea coast. For many centuries, this seaside town as a meeting point for pilgrims and merchants traded, so the city is no stranger to visitors from different cultures.

Foreign influence that permeates the city is in the faces of people who have large selection of restaurants and the amazing variety of souks and shops reflect. When it comes to food is not the choice with the options from China to Lebanon, Asia and the Middle East, of course, are glued.

Tourist facilities are extensive and there are many options to please all. The area of ​​Al-Balad is located in the heart of old Jeddah, and is a testament to a bygone era. This region is well worth a stroll, so you can get up close and personal with magnificent architecture and unique corals. The souks that run beneath the streets are a real breakthrough, where you can pick up all kinds of goods and real estate.

Jeddah is one of the best souks in the Kingdom. Less remarkable is the individual of the Souk Al-Alawi, east of the Al-Dahab Street runs and winds through the old town. A few hours could easily wiled here, just enjoy the atmosphere and some of its products.

The souk is located south of Al-Amir Fahd Street; Al-Balad is also worth a look because of the huge selection of products ranging from coffee traditional Yemeni daggers tribe. The fish market in vivid and colorful Al-Balad is an interesting sight to see, even if you do not intend to buy something. With over fifty different species of fish that you can really see the best offers Red Sea.

Once the shopping is done and dusted, you can go visit some sights. Jeddah is a large selection of museums, including the museum community, which is located in a 200-year-old restored traditional house built from red coral.

The Al-Tayibat City International Museum of Civilization in a mouthful to pronounce, but worth the effort. The palace built in the museum in more than 300 rooms and houses a collection about the life of a local retailer and offers an insight into the real world is based in Jeddah. While it may be difficult to identify Al-Tayibat Museum of the City when you arrive for your flights to Jeddah, you can be sure that once you arrive you will immediately get into the spirit of Saudi Arabia.

Whether you want to commit to the shopping streets, the opportunities in tourism, or just relax, explore, you can do in Jeddah.

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