Cheap Egypt Tours and the Top 10 Travel Tips For Egypt

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Egypt tours are one of the best travel bargains around. Take a journey through time with architecture and artefacts dating back to pre-dynastic Egypt from top to bottom of this exiting country. To make the most of your travel to Cairo and the cities along the Nile cruise ports, you want to be as comfortable as possible and pack all the essentials. Egypt tours are casual most of the time and comfy clothing is the ticket to feeling great. In addition to your loose-fitting attire, remember these top 10 things to be mindful of when making your way to Egypt.

1. Bring Your Medicines
Be sure you have all your meds before you leave for Egypt. Although there are plenty of pharmacies in Cairo, they do not carry the western brands of medicine. It is also helpful to pack some cold and flu tablets, aspirin and sleeping pills just in case you need them.

2. Activate Your ATM and Bank Cards
Withdrawing funds in Egypt is easy unless you forgot to activate that card account before you left home. Your ATM or credit card should be swiped at least one time in your home country to ensure the ATM machines in Egypt will honor your account.

3. Luggage Space
Egypt is the place for best bargain shopping and unique boutique wares. When you pack your luggage, be sure to leave some space for souvenirs. Shipping your merchandise home is an option, however lost boxes, damaged goods, and high shipping rates are not what you have in mind.

4. Tummy Trouble
To avoid an upset stomach, be sure to watch what you eat. The water system in Egypt does not agree with all travellers and can cause bouts of cramping and vomiting. Foods that are made with tap water should be avoided such as the glaze on top of pastries, salads rinsed under water, and soda drinks drawn on-tap. In addition, ice cubes are always suspect and should be avoided at all times. Some of the higher-end restaurants are now using purified water in their kitchens, so you may ask the manager if the fresh produce is safe for tourists.

5. Jaggy Beaches
The coastline in Sharm el-Sheikh is beautiful, however may be rough and jaggy on certain beaches. Pack a pair of water resistant reef shoes or rubber sandal thongs so you may wade in the water without cutting your feet.

6. Elegant Evening Attire
Your Egypt tour may include one gala night out or a farewell dinner in Cairo. All you need to pack is just one upscale outfit for dinner, dancing and fabulous photos.

7. Walking Shoes
Egypt is as old as the hills and you need a flexible walking shoe with a rubber sole. Trainers are ideal for the desert sands to the slippery rocks in the Valley of the Kings. Socks are also important to pull the moisture from your skin and it’s a good idea to bring some athlete’s foot powder should your feet begin to itch and twitch.

8. Look Out For Traffic
Cairo traffic conditions can be dangerous. Drivers are oblivious to organized lanes and a pedestrian is at risk when stepping one foot off the curb. Taxis are cheap and plentiful to hop form one site to the next and may be picked up in front of any hotel or major tourist attraction.

9. The Excursion Experience
Egypt is filled with wonderful full-day or multiple day excursions. Visit the scenic Mediterranean shores in Alexandria, scuba dive at The Red Sea or fly to Abu Simbel for the grand tour. Although Egypt excursions are available to book upon your arrival, it is best to make your reservation in advance to ensure you get a space on the tour. Popular excursions fill up quickly, so get your plans made and paid before your departure.

10. Maximize Your Spending Money
The best Egypt holidays are the ones without surprises. To make sure you have enough funds to take Egypt your own way, you can add up all the expenses not included in your tour and set forth a daily budget. Such expenses include tipping your land and cruise guides, dining out when your itinerary does not cover a meal, extra cash for ground transportation, and beverages not covered on the all inclusive Nile cruise. Overshoot your budget the best you can to eliminate getting stuck with a shortage of money. Caveat to traveller: Cairo dining can be quite expensive, especially when you opt for the major hotel restaurants. Your best bet for a cheap eat is at a Cairo mall with a food court.


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