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Living on the edge Lastly, the international community, in particular the United Nations and the Arab League, should throw its weight behind the concept of Lebanese unity and impress upon foreign powers — with both words and actions — to quit meddling in Lebanon's … Read more on Arab News

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3 years on, should we be depressed about the 'Arab Spring'? Following the third anniversary earlier this month of the beginning of the “Arab “Spring,” it is easy to be depressed. More like an earthquake, the tectonic plates have shifted and there may be no way to “restore” stability to many governments in the … Read more on CNN (blog) Push to recruit Arab Christians into Israeli army The campaign has set off an emotional debate about identity among Christians, a tiny minority within Israel's predominantly Muslim Arab minority. So far the numbers of Christian Arabs enlisting is negligible, but with the community's fate possibly at … Read more on Washington Post First Arab-built satellite set for lift-off in 2017 “Khalifa Sat will be the first Arab-made satellite, catapulting the Arab region into a new era of space industry and competition in space sciences,” the news agency reported. Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid al-Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and … Read more on Al-Arabiya

Can the Arab revolutions survive Syria and Egypt?

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Can the Arab revolutions survive Syria and Egypt? As we mark the commencement of Year Four of the Arab revolutions, a quick glance around the Arab world may leave much to be desired from the initial promise of the crescendo of events that warranted the term “Arab Spring”. Mohamed Bouazizi's … Read more on Releasing Arab terrorists proves Jewish blood is cheap, say those protesting … “Americans don't release prisoners, but when they make Israelis do so, it creates a double standard that the Arabs understand all too well,” he continued. “I can assure you, they will kill again.” This sentiment, accompanied by palpable rage, was … Read more on Jerusalem Post