Muslims Call For Boycott Of White House Iftar Over Gaza Conflict, NSA Spying

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Muslims Call For Boycott Of White House Iftar Over Gaza Conflict, NSA Spying WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama is expected to highlight the contributions of Muslim Americans to U.S. society at the annual White House Iftar on Monday evening, a tradition dating back to 1996 in which Muslims break their fasts during the holy … Read more on Huffington Post In No-Fly List Lawsuit by American Muslims, DOJ Argues 'No Constitutional … The United States Justice Department has moved to dismiss a lawsuit in which American Muslims allege that that twenty-five law enforcement officials, particularly FBI agents, had them placed on the No Fly List after they refused to become government … Read more on Firedoglake Anti-Semitism On Rise In US As Well As Europe On its website, CAIR, described by the FBI as "a Hamas front group," exhorted Muslims in America to "tell the president and Congress to demand Israel immediately halt its brutal campaign of collective punishment in Gaza and seek justice for the killing … Read more on Investor’s Business Daily

African Slaves Were the 1st to Celebrate Ramadan in America

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African Slaves Were the 1st to Celebrate Ramadan in America Nearly one-fourth of the world will observe the annual fast and 8 million Muslims in America will abstain from food and drink from sunrise to sunset during the holy month. A grueling task at any time of the year, Ramadan this year will be especially … Read more on The Root "We're tired of seeing people being hurt," says Houston producer of film … Mahmud charged that American mosques – almost 2.6 million Muslims live in the U.S. – also give short shrift to young American-born males and new converts. "I believe we are at a tipping point in our mosques," he said. "If we don't turn the ship around … Read more on Houston Chronicle US Muslims Reach Into Their Hearts, and Pockets for Ramadan WASHINGTON —. For millions of Muslims around the world Ramadan is a time to reach deep into their hearts. And for those who can afford it, it's also a time to reach deep into their pockets and earn more blessings during this holy month. "I very humbly … Read more on Voice of America

Latest Muslims In America News

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Ayad Akhtar: On Muslim identity, and life in America To appreciate the relevance of playwright Ayad Akhtar's work, you need look no further than two eerie coincidences that shadowed his debut drama, “Disgraced.” The play, which portrays the downfall of a Muslim American lawyer, won the Pulitzer Prize for … Read more on Washington Post A Muslim American journalist explains how she became the story at a Texas … The frustration kept me awake the first time I read the comment. It is difficult to understand how, in a land that each year honors a man who marched for everyone's equality, people could not want the same for me, a fellow American. The comment that … Read more on Washington Post (blog)

Latest Muslims In America News

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Netanyahu Greets Ki-moon American Muslims for Palestine (AMP) was formed in 2006 as a nonprofit organization based in Chicago with chapters around the country. Its message omits any mention of peaceful coexistence with Israel, and routinely includes calls for an end for U.S … Read more on Algemeiner What it's like to be gay and Muslim in America Traditionally, Islam does not tolerate homosexuality. Of the estimated 4 million to 7 million Muslims living in the U.S., many are first-generation immigrants, who came from countries where same-sex relationships are stigmatized, criminalized or even … Read more on LGBTQ Nation

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Fasting US Muslims Volunteer at Food Bank "Ramadan is the holy month of Muslims. It's 30 days," Adam Soltani, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR)'s Oklahoma Chapter, told Oklahoma Fox on Sunday, July 20. "You'd think it would be challenging, but I think … Read more on Americans view Jews, Christians warmly; atheists, Muslims get cold shoulder WASHINGTON • We like ourselves! A new Pew Research survey finds U.S. adults feel most warmly about people who share their religion or those they know as family, friends or co-workers. Americans give their highest scores to Jews, Catholics and … Read more on

Latest Muslims In America News

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Why Muslim Americans Need Malcolms and Martins The attacks against innocent Palestinians, women and children, are deplorable. As American Muslims, we are implicated in our president's complacency and defense of Israel's actions. I defend and support the rights of those Muslims who organized … Read more on Huffington Post