Aviation Jobs in United Arab Emirates

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UAE is one of the most sought after career destinations in the entire Middle East region. It has seven emirates out of which Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman are the most important ones. With millions of professionals migrating for jobs in UAE, the population of foreigners is much higher than the locals in the emirate. The process of diversification has spawned large number of employment opportunities in the region across various sectors. Aviation jobs in UAE are at their best as the travel & tourism sector grows considerably owing to the increasing air traffic. The growth in tourism sector has helped boost the travel industry thus, bringing a boom in its aviation segment. The demand for aviation professionals like cabin crew and pilots is spiraling up as the movement of people has increased in both the domestic and the international spheres. According to a recent report by GCAA (General Civil Aviation Authority), air traffic in UAE has grown by almost 12% in July. The highest aircraft movement in the 2nd quarter of the financial year 2010-11 is a clear indicator of the growing need for aviation services in UAE. Dubai topped the movements followed by Abu Dhabi while Sharjah stood third re-emphasizing on the fact that UAE is developing at an unprecedented rate. A robust regional economy and an ability to attract long-haul traffic are what drive the growth in UAE aviation sector. Middle Eastern economies are recovering much faster than those in Europe and Asia as revealed by The International Air Transport Association (IATA). Such expansion needs huge support from skilled and experienced human resources so as to offer best services to the travelers. As a result, numerous aviation jobs in UAE are deemed open to foreign professionals who can be employed to manage guests in international flights. Lots of work is done in the sector with issuance and renewal of certificates for aircraft maintenance, aircraft registration and airworthiness. Also, many air operator and simulator certificates have been issued along with various inspections and audits, aircraft modification transactions and examination permits being carried out. All this is to ensure air security and smooth functioning of the aircrafts and ultimately the sector. Besides certifications and inspections, huge investments are being made in aviation sector of UAE both in terms of money and manpower. The numbers of aviation jobs in United Arab Emirates have been multiplying owing to the expansion and up-gradation of 8 international airports in the region. The money employed in the sector is among the largest investments in the world even as further redevelopment programs are in progress. They aim at increasing the passenger handling capacity (by expanding runways, terminals, fleets, etc.); ground service infrastructure, vehicle capability and other such modernization plans. Apparently, UAE jobs in aviation sector are bound to accelerate attracting expatriates from other countries. It is interesting to note that such developmental steps are taken keeping in mind that they do not lead to industry overcapacity or decreasing yields in future. Both the estimated growth in demand and the plans for industry expansion have to work together in sync so as to assure quality services throughout. It is only without compromising on quality that an industry can achieve unparalleled growth. Apart from civil aviation, it is also working on Dubai Aerospace Agency (DAE University) making it a center for designing and constructing planes as well as for repairing aircrafts. Noticeably, tremendous efforts are being made to establish Dubai as a global hub between East Asia and Europe. And in the process, innumerable Aviation jobs in Dubai and other emirates in the region are thus generated. Deepika Bansal writes on behalf of NaukriGulf.com, a leading job portal for jobs in Gulf Region, Jobs in UAE and jobs in Saudi Arabia, Middle East jobs. Info Edge foray into the Middle East is an endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand our operations on to a global arena.

What’s Wrong With The United Arab Emirates?

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When I arrived here three years ago, I had never lived outside Australia. I had no real idea of Arab culture or Islam and had a naeve expectation that a country with incomprehensible wealth would have “bought off” all its problems. I now realise that contrary to my expectations, money creates its own problems here as elsewhere. I had already experienced the problems of welfare dependency among indigenous Australians who receive “sit-down money” literally so they can sit on their black butts and do nothing. Why should I have expected it to be different here? The truth is, since discovering vast oil wealth a few decades ago, the majority of the 830,000 odd Emiratis have spoiled themselves to the stage that they have now become largely moribund. With a surplus of money, they have been able to hire others to do not only their dirty work, but everything else. This has led to a largely youngish population unmotivated to work, undereducated, spoiled by access to large quantities of food (largely high fat, high sugar), high powered motor vehicles, whizz-bang electronics, and subsequently, high rates of death through lifestyle diseases (diabetes has reached epidemic proportions) and traffic incidents. The UAE Government, much to its credit, is trying to address many of these ills. For example, it has an Emiratisation program that aims to get Emiratis into jobs. This is accompanied by free education at all levels, but is largely a failure here for the same reason that the Indigenous Recruitment and Development Programs are a failure in Australia: putting people in jobs because they are a particular race or nationality, doesn’t provide a source of capable, motivated, work-ready individuals. While the government and semi-government agencies hire a handful (9%), the private sector (at just 1%) avoids Emiratis like the plague because they are quite simply, a very poor return on investment. When you can hire an Indian worker who will work 12 hours per day, six days per week and give his heart and soul to the job, why would you want a work-shy Emirati? Additionally, some of the Islamic religious and cultural practices affect everything from road safety to the number of women in the workforce. A few drivers have told me here that wearing a seat belt is an affront to Allah because it’s as good as saying you have no faith that he will protect you. Given the evidence of a road death rate that is among the highest, if not the highest in the world, it’s hard to justify that type of logic, especially when many of the deceased are muslims. Although the lifestyle here is idyllic for well-educated, Western expatriates, there are hundreds of thousands of exploited Asian and Indian workers for whom life must be hell. They are the maids, drivers, construction workers and labourers who work incredibly long hours for very little pay and who are often treated poorly. With a handful of white Westerners, they make up the vast majority of the 90% expatriate population. So, we expatriates keep the schools, power houses, water supplies, communications, hospitals, and everything else running. This has the potential to be a huge problem for example, if a militant Islamic group decided to bomb a few venues where expatriates gather. Many expatriates would flee the country and it would literally grind to a halt. As with most societies that have been overtaken by other cultures supposedly more advanced, maintaining a balance between the worst of the West and the best of the Arab/Islamic culture is increasingly more difficult. Levels of prostitution, drugs use, alcohol, and crime in such “progressive” cities as Dubai are slowly eroding the values of Islam and changing the culture, perhaps for the worst. The frenzy of construction in Dubai has turned it into an unfriendly mass of ever-changing, convoluted and traffic crammed roads that snake through the desert dust to this or that mall. One day it may become a destination of choice for the well heeled, but at present it is an over-populated, polluted city in which hundreds of thousands of over-priced residences are being constructed for who knows whom. I’ve enjoyed my stay here immensely and appreciate the opportunity to experience this interesting society of largely friendly and welcoming people. I do however, have a great concern that the country is heading in the wrong direction. And every so often I wonder how better off we all would be if some of this vast wealth was redirected to the starving millions nearby rather than being squandered on yet another mall or world-first tall tower. Copyright 2008 Robin Henry Robin Henry is an educator, human resources specialist and Internet entrepreneur who writes articles about a wide range of topics. He comes from Alice Springs in Central Australia but is currently temporarily residing at Al Ain, near Dubai in the United Arab Emirates. Further information is available at http://www.dwave.com.au/consulting.html

Samsung Chat 322 A Fine Smartphone That Is Much More Than Chatting Device!

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While talking about the Samsung Chat 322, we had used the adjective interesting to describe it. This is because the Samsung Chat 322 indeed is a curious mix of higher end and budget phone features. And is selling for next to nothing prices in the mobile phone market place here. It is undoubtedly one fine smartphone that has all it takes to satisfy the smartphone features of most users and still can very well pass of a medium segment smartphone device. If not a budget phone device.. This has proved to be advantageous to Samsung, as it has enable it to attract both kinds of customers to it. The higher end buyer as well as those who simply want a very basic phone handset and that too at low prices. The vast numbers of Samsung Chat 322 deals have ensured this. The Samsung Chat 322 is basically designed keeping in mind the specific requirements of those mobile phone users who are heavily into texting. Not surprisingly, the Samsung Chat 322 handset has attracted a good number of customer ever since its official launch here in November, 2010. Expectedly, one key feature of this particular smartphone device from the South Korean mobile phone major is its full QWERTY keyboard that ensures very easy and efficient typing for you, the user. Other features include the provision of an expandable memory space of up to 8 GB through the use of the microSD card. Otherwise, the on board internal memory space is only 54 MB. FM radio and a basic music player are also very much there catering to your entertainment needs. The camera device that this smarty carries is also no push over as it is a reasonable 1.3 mega pixel snapper that does obtain for you the though not very high but equally impressive 1280 x 960 pixels resolution.The several Samsung Chat 322 Deals mean plenty of Samsung Chat 322 contracts, SIM free deals and a few pay as you go mobile phone deals. Adam Caitlin is expert author of Telecommunication industry. For more information On Samsung Omnia 7 Deals and Samsung Nexus S deals in UK, visit our online shop Freecontractmobilephone.co.uk

Days of the Week in Moroccan Arabic

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The names used for the days of the week, in Moroccan Arabic, and the numbers used for counting in both Standard Arabic and Moroccan Arabic are similar. This is because words for some days of the week are the same words or similar (derivatives) as the ones used for counting. We will clarify this point with some examples. When counting in Standard Arabic. The following words are used for counting: one – wahed two – etneen three – thlata four – areb’a five – khamsa six – seta seven – sb’a Here are the names for the days of the week in Moroccan Darija: Sunday – lhad Monday – etneen Tuesday – tlat Wednesday – larbe’ Thursday – lekhmis Friday – jem’a Saturday – sebt Note, the similarities between the words for some of the names of the days of the week and the numbers used for counting. Sunday is regarded as day 1. Monday is regarded as day 2 and the word for 2 is ‘etneen’ while the word for Monday is also ‘etneen.’ The word for the number 3 is ‘tlata’ while the word for Tuesday is ‘tlat’ which is similar to ‘tlata.’ There are days of the week which bear no similarity to the numbers used for counting. It should be noted that the word “youm” is sometimes used in front of the day of week. The word ‘youm’ means “day.” Here are a few examples: youm lhad youm etneen youm larbe The days of the week, used in Moroccan Arabic, bear similarity to the numbers used for counting in Standard Arabic. Likewise, the numbers used for counting in Moroccan Arabic also bear similarity to the words used for the days of the week. The exceptions are the words “juj” which means 2 and the word “khamsa” which means 5. The words for day 2 (Monday) and day 5 (Friday) have no similarity to the words “juj” or “khamsa.” The numbers used for counting in Moroccan Arabic are listed below: one – wahed two – juj three – tlata four – reb’a five – khamsa six – sta seven – sb’a The names for the days of the week and the numbers for counting in Standard Arabic and in Moroccan Arabic are similar. This is because some of the days of the week use the same words or are derivatives of the words that are used when counting. Learn more about the Moroccan Arabic language and the ways you can learn how to speak Moroccan Find More Arab Articles

Tour Morocco with a New Year?s Eve party that you will remember forever

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New Years Eve/Sylvester where will you be? As every year, sitting at home, watching TV and sipping your champagne or at some crowded party screaming over the loud music? Do you want to do something completely different this year? If yes, then pack your bags and book your Morocco tour and spend a memorable night in incredible scenery of the Sahara Desert. There are several Moroccan tour operators that organize desert tours with camel rides for New Year’s Eve to the Sahara desert. Most of them originate in Marrakech, but few from other cities such as Fes or Casablanca. They can be a very long trips with combine other sightseeing in a big groups, or small, private tours for just few days. The celebration of New Year’s Eve in the Saharan sand dunes starts right after one of a kind sun set when the color of the sand changes from bright red to ochre, purplish chocolate. Then under star filled sky a big bonfire is made where a welcoming mint tea and bowl of dates is served. A night will come alive to the rhythm and chants of the drums, castanets and guitars played by the Nomads; Sahara traditional music inspired by the African spirit of dance and Arabic rhythm. A good time and emotions of happiness will overlay in this landscape. You are among friends, people who care and know how life is so unique and beautiful. Then the party continues with a major feast. Have a delicious mechui – a whole roasted lamb, accompanied by Royal Cous Cous. Trays of delicious cookies and other desserts will be available. Turn the Sahara desert onto an outdoor dancehall. Dance all night or retire to your Nomad tent for a night of celestial sleep. Tour Morocco with a New Year’s Eve party that you will remember forever.   For more information about Tour Morocco please visit on http://www.your-morocco-tour.com/  

Send flowers to Bangladesh online have been easier than ever!

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