Can An Apple Mac Be Infected With A Computer Virus?

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The answer you would get to that question would probably depend upon whether you asked a Mac or PC user. The former would say no, the latter would say yes. But who is right?

I’ve seen many pitched battles between users of OS X and Windows as they stake their claims for supremacy but most of those are more emotional than factual. If you boild down the arguments to reveal the simple facts then you will find that a typical Mac user might argue that the operating system they use is superior to Windows and so their machine cannot be infected with a computer virus.

The PC user on the other hand, who is more used to getting viruses in the first place, is likely to realise that the bad guys who write viruses and other types of malware do in fact just go looking for the maximum return on their investment.

Historically, this has meant targeting Windows machines as there were just so many of them around. Over the last few years that has changed though – the Mac is showing up in a higher proportion of homes and businesses than it ever has before and that makes it a more appealing target for malware authors.

What is the truth then? Can the Mac become infected with a virus?

Absolutely! Though it still has to be said that it is an unlikely occurence. The Mac still only has around a 5% share of the computer market and OS X is harder to get to grips with than Windows. Times are changing however and Apple’s market share is on the increase. This has coincided with more malware appearing on the Mac platform.

Should you panic about Mac Malware?

Probably not as it is still a relatively small problem but I really do think that you need to be aware that it is an issue that is becoming bigger.

Commonsense is still the best defence against viruses on any platform but software can add an extra layer to your security. There are antivirus programs available for the Mac and, best of all, many are free.

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