Camel Trekking in the Sahara Desert Morocco Tours

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The Sahara Desert is the magnificent desert of the world. It is a name that even a small child knows well. It is a wonderful destination and perfect place for your Morocco tours.


Most tourists visiting Morocco spent only one night in the desert in the company of other tourists. They arrange few days Morocco tours from Marrakech or Fes. They are accommodated it in one of the settled tent camps in the middle desert, where meals are cook in a proper kitchen, there are shared toilet facilities. It is a fantastic experience listening to the Sahrawi music around the campfire and staring at the stars, an extraordinary tour of Morocco.


However, to experience the authentic Sahara Desert tour we recommend to spend few days’ camel trekking through the region. Imagine yourself accompanied by a local Berber guide and traveling either on foot or in the saddle of our camel through the Sahara desert.


The desert silence is very meditating, calming experience that will clear your mind of any worries. You will not care what day of the week or time it is. You forget your emails, cell phones and other daily chores. There is nothing around you only miles and miles of sand. The solitude is very calming as the soothing orange sand.


On the Morocco Sahara desert trips, camels are ready to carry you and your equipment across the magnificent sand dunes. You might choose to walk along side of them instead as it is more comfortable. You move in a gentle and effortless pace rocking gently back and forth. Listening to the footsteps of the camels on the soft sand.


The only other souls you might encounter are the true Nomads that survive here with their hers of goats and toddlers, their colorful laundry hanging on the trees.


Be a traveler and not a tourist and explore the Sahara desert with an authentic Morocco tours. Watch the rising sun over the sand dunes waking up into the blushed life. Share your stories with your guide about life and sing songs, start gazed, played drums around the campfire. A real life experience, a real life journey.


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