Bring New Arabic Films To Newer Heights

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Although perception of Arabic new movies making their mark in the industry is through garnering of awards from various festivals of local and international acclaim, this is certainly not the pinnacle of movie glory.  What may be box office favorites one week can easily lose their standings the following week as finicky audiences are constantly chasing newer releases.  Arabic new films often taste the splendor for a short time before another takes their place, bumping them down a few rungs on the ladder of favorites.


Since offering them free is understandably the best method to getting anyone to watch these movies, producers need not always bow down to pressure from the masses.  As no one is in the business of pro bono work, recuperation of costs is justifiably part and parcel of the movie making process.  In an ideal world, everyone pays for a license to watch a production.  In the real world, only law-abiding and God-fearing souls mind this regulation to a tee.  Others do not feel a twinge of guilt to making copies of Arabic new movies and stocking up personal portfolios of Middle Eastern films.  Since many of these often end up for personal or home use, movie studios and production companies often do not kick up much fuss.


In the event some movies become worthy of further study due to their ability to portray beyond the ordinary, their screening sessions necessitate a certain type of permit often referred to as institutional licenses.  Unlike public screening licenses which are required for viewing in cinemas, these permits allow educational institutions, museums and other recognized parties to loan out movies in their library collections.  Use also covers inclusion of these movies as part of the academic curriculum for colleges and universities offering film courses and degrees.  In a way, Arabic new films able to secure a presence in these areas have commendably reached newer heights than mere awards and box office earners.  Although the studio or producer may not be raking in the millions, the recognition accorded to his or her work continues to live on and guide future generations in the movie industry.


Though movies are mostly made with hopes of becoming blockbusters, some focus on community awareness.  As small group screenings without admission charges, messages on social concerns drive deep into audiences’ hearts and minds.  As a small step for man, it is collectively a giant leap for mankind in preserving future generations.



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