Brics summit at china a grand success

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BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) summit held last week at Chinese resort of Sanya was a grand success. It was the first of its kind. India was represented by Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh, Brazil represented by President Dilma Rousuf, Russia by President Dmitry Medvedev, China represented by President Hu Jintao and South Africa represented by President Jacob Zuma. BRICS nations in an atmosphere of cordiality discussed and deliberated upon various issues international as also bilateral. BRICS countries as a whole consist of 300 crore of the total world population but barring Russia and China the other three nations, India, Brazil and South Africa in spite of repeated appeals and demands haven’t got admitted as permanent members of UN Security Council. Three nations, all aspirants to be members of UN Security Council since a long time are emerging economic powers and they have  the legitimate right to be the members of prestigious council.

Naturally this important issue was raked up in the summit along with similar important issues.

All the five countries unanimously protested against the tendency of protectionism as also transact mutual trade with each nation’s local currencies instead of US dollars.

Prime Minister Dr.ManMohan Singh mainly dwelt upon economic issues and with respect to its relationship with the neighbouring country of China, bilateral relations too came up especially border issues. Each committed to go on with talks on solving border issues in phases, and on the economic front, please note China is the largest country in the world having already invested US $ 65 billion in India and in the talks that ensued between Dr.Singh and Chinese President Hu Jintao decided to increase the amount to US $ 100 billion by 2015.

The summit drew attention to the developments in West Asian and North African countries. Barring South Africa, all other nations went on expected lines on the issue of NATO and French and British countries interfering in the internal affairs of Libya by condemning Libyan leader Muammar Qaddhafi. Qaddhafi actually invited such an interference and hence he deserved the repercussions by his autocratic style of functioning, the carnage he committed on the revolting civilians is an entirely different matter about which the BRICS nations are keeping mum. True, intervention in another nation’s internal matter is not correct, but under exceptional circumstances such interference should have to be welcomed.

Economy, climate change and terrorism all came in for elaborate talks at the Sanya Summit since mankind is confronted with all these paramount issues and hence discussions and deliberations on all the aforesaid issues and future course of action chalked out.

The next round of BRICS Summit is to be held in India and through talks, more  and more talks in an atmosphere of cordiality is the need of the hour.  

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