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Lebanon Classified portals have expanded to be more than even 30 free classified portal, however I would like through this article to share with you my thought about one of these portals. In my own opinion, only user friendly and easy to navigate websites are the ones that succeed currently in the online investment.


A fast and brief information about Classified portals is that online classified portals are usually free, and they intend to reign some countries in order to expand their services a country following the other.


BaddeBee3 is an Online Lebanese Classified Portal. It has a friendly user interface, where you can easily browse the website to find your exact search.

BaddeBee3 consists of the following categories: Vehicles | Cars | Motorcycles & ATVs | Boats | Auto Services | Parts & Accessories | Everything Else | Real Estate | Homes For Sale | Homes For Rent | Housing Wanted | Office & Commercial | Rooms & Studios | Lands | Products | Antiques & Collectibles | Clothing & Accessories | Watches | Everything Else | Furniture | Jewelry & Accessories | Musical Instruments | Sports Equipment | Art | Toys | DVD & Movies | Music | Machinery & Tools | Cell Phones | Cell Phones | Cell Phone Accessories | Services & Numbers | Electronics | TV & Video | Camera, Photo & Video | Audio & MP3 | Gaming Consoles | Other Electronics | Computers | Desktop Computers | Laptops & Netbooks | Tablets | Parts & Accessories | Software | Services | Computer Services | Everything Else | Photographic | Lessons | Translation | Events | Jobs | Others

What makes this website special in Lebanon is that it has a specific search option. For example, if you are searching for a car, you can specify the years you want in a Years Interval (ex: 1990-1992), you can specify the car’s Make, car color, transmission, and other specific searching options.

You can also search on BaddeBee3 by location, by category, and by price range.

Moreover, BaddeBee3 has some features which are not available on other websites, like E-mail alerts, and Saved Searches.
E-mail Alerts allow members to set e-mail alerts to specific categories or keywords that they care about.
Saved Searches is also an option where users can save their searches and save the time of specifying their search everytime in case they always look for a specific keyword or product.

It is very easy, simple, and user-friendly.

BaddeBee3 has also Extra visibility options were users can pay in order to feature their ads. These extra visibility options are 3.
Featured ads where a user chooses to display his ad on the website’s homepage.
Priority ads where an ad appears at the top of a specific category or search.
Highlighting ads where the user chooses to highlight his ad with a Beige Background.

Jad Awada is a Web Developer and a trademan. He is the co-founder of and he works in Watches Dealership in Lebanon. He graduated at the age of 20 from the Lebanese International University (School of Business) and earned his B.A. in Banking and Finance.

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