As Americans Stress Levels Rise, So Do the Crime Rates

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There is a direct correlation of how added stress results in higher crime rates. Today in this struggling economy, more Americans are stressed out than ever before. This stress over losing a job or losing money has caused unfavorable behaviors in people prone to criminal acts and even to those that have never been in trouble before. Certain law enforcement agencies and an Orange County private detective are busier than ever dealing with these behaviors. This particular Orange County private investigator will detail some of the crimes and behaviors he has seen in his area over the past 18 months in this article.

Americans are running out of money from losing their jobs and foreclosures and bankruptcies are on the rise. Because so many are financially stressed they are starting to do illegal things to make ends meet. Some of the behaviors they are participating in are robbery and theft of residential and commercial properties, selling illegal substances and drugs, selling stolen property and embezzlement and fraud at their workplaces.

People are feeling so desperate that they are even reduced to turning on their own family and themselves as well. Recently, it was reported that a man in the Los Angeles area lost his job and was worried on how he would provide for his family of a wife and five children. He saw no way out so he shot and killed all of them then killed himself. The murder suicide rate right now is higher than it has ever been before. Rather than finding a solution, people like this man are desperate and think their financial situation is too dire to recover from.

Other people are choosing to make decisions that they think will help them to escape their current stressful situation. Behaviors like cheating on your spouse, starting to drink too much or use drugs or even gambling are examples of behaviors that are on the rise as people turn to them to try to hide what they are really going through. Marriages are falling apart from the consequences of these behaviors which in turn only makes the stress worse. Rather than running away from the problems and behaving irrationally or even criminally they need to learn what to do.

The best thing someone can do is to seek a support group or a counselor when they lose their job. Many companies will offer this service free of charge because they want to help their employees that they had to lay off. Financial planners can also guide you to help you get the best plan or course of action to deal with your bills, mortgage and all other issues dealing with money. Exercising during a stressful time is also a great stress reliever and can produce natural chemicals that affect your mood. Support of family and friends is also a very important part of what keeps people from making the wrong decisions during a stressful time. The more support they get, the better they will deal with stress.

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