An Ideal Car for the Elderly North Americans

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As we age so our bodies too. There are hundreds even thousands of new cars made each day but one will wonder if there is a car intended for the elderly.
As we grow old our vision deteriorates as well as our sense of hearing even our reflexes slow down. Sometimes we suffer arthritis or weak muscles. Adjustments have to be made and this includes how we drive. Adjustable car features such as movable car seats are is an advantage to the elderly.
Generally, older people have more money than young people. Older people tend to buy car brands that are popular back in the old days or brands that the rich and famous drive. Senior citizens also remain loyal to the car brands that they grew up with.
The Ford Taurus is the brand that seemed to be favoured by the Elderly. Of course Ford has been the household car brands in America. The Taurus is known for its dependability and being a safe car and perhaps the reason why North American elderly approve of this car.
After the Ford Taurus, comes the Toyota Avalon, Cadillac STS, Mercury Grand Marquis, Lincoln Town Car, Buick Lucerne, Buick LaCross, and Lincoln MKZ. These are the car model and brands that Senior Citizens are buying.
Car features that the elderly is looking for is first and foremost ease of access, they should be able to get in and out of the car painlessly, the dashboard should have large or clear display, and most of all that car should have a reputation of being a safe and comfortable car. Okanagan Ford dealers have large inventory of cars having these features.
Some senior citizens have frail bodies and weak muscles. They should be able to move the car seat back and forth or up and down with ease in order to give them a good view of the road. Also, they should be able to set both their feet flat on the pedals.  A flexible car seat will serve well both very tall and short senior citizens.
When selling a car to senior citizens a car dealer should make sure these features are present in the car:
First, It must be a crash-worthy vehicle.

Two vehicles with excellent crash ratings on all sides of the car are the Taurus 08-09 and Taurus X 08-09. This is followed by the Taurus 00-07 and Taurus SW 00-06 which has an excellent rating on the front side and the other 3 sides have good crash ratings. These cars should be appealing to senior citizens. For more crash ratings of a specific car inquire from the National Highway Traffic Safety.
Ford dealerships must be proud to inform their elderly clients about these car models. Click this link: ( for more crash ratings.
Second, a car with excellent stability control. 

Most likely car manufacturers will make it their standard procedure to enhance stability control of each car model they make. In the meantime don’t hesitate to inquire about this from car dealers such as Vernon Ford dealers.
Third, a four airbags are most appreciated by the elderly.

Some cars come with customized airbags that adjusts the force of the airbags when it launches depending on the weight of passengers. Seniors would prefer a complete set of airbags and not just two in the front and passenger seat.
A car that allows a clear front, rear, and side views and with no blind side will be much appreciated by senior citizens.

Additionally steering wheel and pedals should be easily adjusted. In cold areas, a heated car seat will be most favourable for senior citizens. Car seats should also be adjustable to suit very tall and small drivers alike.
It’s important to know car features that are beneficial to the elderly or senior citizens. To know more about these features, visit one of Okanagan Ford dealers nearest you. Their friendly staff will be happy to assist you.



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