Americans Touring China Must Sign Up Early For Visas

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It’s totally worth your while to take the time to visit China and get a better sense of the country’s people, culture and history.

There’s more to it than catching a plane if you choose to visit China – Americans must have a passport, and also must apply for and be awarded a visa. Be sure to get a timely start on applying for your travel documents, because you’ll need them in hand a goodly time prior to leaving for China. 

In tandem with your visa, you’re going to need an up-to-date passport, which is required of Americans engaging in foreign travel. There are a number of diverse kinds of visas, which are issued depending on the type of travel you plan to accomplish when you visit China.

It’s your responsibility to find out which visa you will need, and the kind that will be required is determined by the variety of trip you’re planning in the country. Not only will you be required to apply for the correct type of visa, depending on the purpose of your travel to China, but it must also be for the correct length of your trip.

It’s probably a sound idea if you, as an American citizen, apply for the tourist visa that most travelers to China from the U.S. receive. United States passports, a completed visa request and a headshot photo of yourself are de rigueur when you apply for your visas.

You’ll want to hand-deliver the paperwork to the Chinese embassy or consulate in your town, or else use the mailing service that the Chinese supply. Your visa application for China visas can be handled in as little as seven days, but be sure to give yourself enough time to get the paperwork done.

You can pay the $ 135 charge for your visa with a money order or cashier’s check made payable to “Chinese Embassy”. For residents of certain countries, visits to China for 15 days or less can be permitted without a visa, but most visiting tourists do come to China with visas.

You can never tell when the Chinese will revise their tourism rules, so it behooves you to pay attention to any announcements related to travel requirements to that country. You may want to get immunized before you leave, although the Center for Disease Control does not mandate vaccinations for travel to China.

There are a few vaccinations that might be life-savers for you, so it might make sense to ponder being inoculated. You’ll need to get inoculated up to six weeks prior to departure, because the vaccinations take several weeks before they are effective.

Keep these details in mind, and you’ll be ready to start planning your China itinerary.

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