Americans Investing in Mexico Real Estate for Affordable Luxury

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USA is stumbling from one crisis to another. Economic woes are not relenting and a consensus is building that recovery will take few more years and good old days may not ever come back.  Many people have lost their savings that they built over the years for their retirement. As their financial future has turned bleak, they no longer can aspire to continue to sustain their lifestyle in USA. The cost of living has spiraled. People who wanted to retire and lead a comfortable lifestyle in some sunny destination are feeling cheated. Their savings have depleted and they are out of jobs. In this atmosphere of gloom and doom, there is a hope. Mexico real estate is one investment which not only is affordable but also financially sound. 

Mexico real estate is very big and varied sector. One can find homes of all types, sizes and locations.  In terms of infrastructure, amenities and construction quality they rival any American city even though they are lot cheaper. With this advantage, Mexico has attracted and is still attracting a large expat population from not on USA but also from Canada and Europe. Any investor realizes that a Cancun condo at beachfront will be lost cheaper than a similar property in some US destination.

For any retiree, it’s just not about the property cost but also a host of other factors. Medical care, connectivity and cost of living also play an important role.  Mexico is very well connected from USA through air, land and sea. Some areas such as Rocky Point are driving distance away from the Border. Similarly, most major cities in Mexico are connected with all important cities of the USA and the world. Mexico has a very good network of highways and roads which makes travelling easy and affordable. You may be also aware of the fact that Mexico is one of the leaders in medical tourism. Thousands of patients from USA visit Mexico just to undergo highly complex medical procedures at a fraction of the cost. Medical infrastructure in Mexico is of international standards. As a retiree, you do not have to worry of high costs of medical care like in USA. 

Living in Mexico is quite affordable. Food and other amenities are abundant and quite cheap. With MNC malls and stores you won’t be missing out on any products. It is possible that some brands or items may not be available but you will never feel the constraints of living in a developing country.

Mexico is a land of tremendous economic growth. Industries are being setup and its now becoming a hub of automobile manufacturing for Northern America. Tourism is already a major revenue generator for Mexico which has made it much more cosmopolitan and hospitable for expats and tourists. With a large and well networked expat community you will always feel secure in Mexico.

With so many things going for Mexico, it’s no wonder that Americans are placing their bet on Mexico for their bright future.

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