Americans In Need Benefit From Car Donations
Americans In Need Benefit From Car Donations

Americans In Need Benefit From Car Donations

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When a person thinks about people in need, it may be hard to realize that many people in our country are actually in great need. One in fifty American children is currently facing homelessness, and approximately half of those children are eight years old or younger. If you had the means to help these needy children, would you do it? Most people try to do everything they can to help those who are less fortunate than themselves, especially children. Many people donate gently used clothing to charities or give food during the local food bank drives. Others prefer a hands-on approach where they give of their time to help with after school programs or serve in the soup kitchen.

One of the best kept secrets of donating is that of donating used vehicles to charity. Did you know that a vehicle that is donated to charity can be fixed up and sold and the proceeds go to help homeless children and needy families? Even better, the old vehicles do not even need to be in working order! In addition to that, the person donating the vehicle will receive a tax-deductible receipt to use to take a charitable deduction.

How does this all work? First, you must be sure you are going with a qualified 501 (c)(3) charitable organization. This ensures that your donation is actually going to help needy people, and it assures you that your donation will be legally tax-deductable. Most of these organizations will arrange to have your vehicle towed away at no charge to the donor. Arrangements can be made easily and quickly and that old eyesore will soon be moved from your driveway or yard.

You may have thought that the old car, truck, or motorcycle was going to cost you more that it was worth just to have it towed, but it is amazing what these charitable organizations are able to do with your pile of bolts. They work with organizations that can make repairs and sell the vehicle or even give it to use as a needy family who can use it for transportation to a job. They may also take working parts from these vehicles and sell them. The money is directly given to American families who are in need.

It will really mean a lot for a family to receive the kind of help that this type of donation can provide. If you thought there was no way for you to help the many children and families who are in need in this country but have an old vehicle sitting around, now is the time to act and make a difference.

The American Relief Foundation invites you to help us provide poor children around America with support they need. If you lost your car title and cannot donate we have an excellent resource to link you directly to your DMV page to order a duplicate car title. We are looking for a New Jersey Car Donation to help our cause. If you have an unwanted car consider a charity car donation.

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