Americans Celebrate After Obama Announces Osama bin Laden’s Death

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Hours after President Barack Obama announced on Sunday night (May 1, 2011) that Osama bin Laden was killed in a firefight led by the United States, hundreds of people gathered at the World Trade Center, New York City, where the twin towers were destroyed in the September 11 attack to celebrate this event. They waved American flags, snapped pictures, cheered up and sang songs together.

New York City Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, said Americans had kept their promise after Sept. 11, 2001 to capture or kill Osama bin Laden. He also added that bin Laden’s death was a tribute to the men and women in the armed forces who fought so hard as well as brought some closure and comfort to all those who lost loved ones that day.

People celebrate at New York’s Times Square after the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death 

David Huber and Nicole Lozare pay their respects to victims of the 9/11 attacks at the Pentagon Memorial in Arlington, Va., early on May 2, 2011

Like New York City, a large group celebrated the good news in front of the White House, shouted “USA! USA!” and waved American flags. In Dearborn, Michigan, home to one of the nation’s largest Arab and Muslim communities, a small crowd also gathered outside City Hall to celebrate the victory.

New Yorkers climb a street sign at the intersection of Church and Vesey Sts., to wave an American flag after the announcement of Osama bin Laden’s death on the morning of May 2, 2011 in New York

Crowds gather at Ground Zero in New York on May 2, 2011 shortly after President Barack Obama announced Osama bin Laden’s death in a firefight at a large mansion in Pakistan

A legislative aide Will Ditto, 25, decided to leave his home on Capitol Hill, joining the crowd after his mother called him with the news when he was ready to go to bed on Sunday night. Guy Madsen, who drove from his home in New Jersey with his son when he heard of bin Laden’s death, expressed that “This is Judgment Day and we’re winning.”

U.S. Marines at Camp Dwyer in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, watch when President Barack Obama announces the death of Osama Bin Laden during a news conference on May 1, 2011 

People gather in front of the White House to celebrate the good news 

An image of Osama bin Laden before he was killed



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