Americans Can Revolt Every Two Years – Vote For the Right Person

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There is the belief amongst Americans that it is okay to give up certain liberties in exchange for security. So long as we are alive, it is okay for the government to spy on us, to take away some of rights, and slowly creep towards tyranny. Why? So long as we are safe and not attacked, who needs attacked, right?


As one person once put it, “I’d rather be dead than living under the shackles of tyranny.” Fortunately, there is a way for you to revolt against the government without having to raise arms against them. As another person put it, “revolting against the government is impossible – They have tanks and helicopters.” Just because you are not revolting like the founding fathers did, you are still able to revolt.

Because of our right to vote for people that we want, the politicians have to live in fear of losing their job. We are the people that have the power to give and take the jobs from our representatives. The unfortunate thing is: we forget that we have that power. So, rather than doing anything about it, we just grow complacent and allow politicians to do as they please.

If we, as a nation, dislike the current government, we can vote someone else in. Every two years, every Representative has to run for election again. Their job is, technically, in our hands.  Your responsibility as voters is to ensure that the elected officials do what you want. In other words, if you want a certain thing to happen, you should let your elected officials know. By doing this, they can effectively represent you.

The issue is that sometimes, they don’t do their job properly. They do what is most beneficial to their wallets or to secure money for the next election and don’t consider the voters. If this happens, rather than being complacent and allowing them to do as they please, it is the voter’s responsibility to respond to this with a big, fat, “No vote!”

Your responsibility is to ensure that the elected officials do what you want. If you don’t, they will do what it is that they want and if this happens, where is the real representation? Instead, ensure that the representatives and senators do what their constituents want, not what they want. Doing this reminder will allow the nation to be for the people and not the elite elected officials.

Jacob is the co-founder and owner of a political commentary web publication. One of the issues that he writes about often is the need for Americans to know what their civil liberties are.

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