Americans Adore Fresh Brewed Coffee
Americans Adore Fresh Brewed Coffee

Americans Adore Fresh Brewed Coffee

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It goes without saying that American’s love their coffee; but why do they have such a love affair with it? Could it be that in pretty much every town or city there is a coffee shop around almost every other corner, or could it be that they’re just addicted to the caffeine. Maybe it may be the countless varieties and flavors, you can enjoy hot or cold coffee which is readily available 24 hours each day 7 days per week.

Coffee now isn’t the same coffee your own grandparents perked on the stove-top, now we have gourmet coffees, flavored coffees, iced coffees, espressos, cappuccinos, and lattes. With so many delicious selections who can’t love this heavenly beverage. Whenever you add to this the benefits that coffee offers once can see the reason behind America’s love affair with coffee.

Recent reports have shown that coffee contains key antioxidants and it has been proven that woman as well as men whom drink up to six cups of a common coffee each day are in lower risk factors to a particular diseases (example for men will be enlarged prostate). This naturally is not why so many people love coffee, however it gives the coffee lover a great standby answer when someone tells them that coffee is harmful to your body.

Gourmet coffee though more costly, could be like eating a succulent sweet desert if you find the right flavor. What has made it much more popular and loved is how one can now purchase a common flavored coffee at the shops or the supermarket or a specialty store for you take home and brew whenever you like in your gourmet coffee maker.

Recent products which have been released over the last few years and are highly popular are classified as the individual cup coffeemakers; a best seller at many department stores and online vendors would be the Keurig Brewers. With one of these brewers you can then buy your preferred coffee flavors in single serving cups in one flavor or the variety packs, caffeinated or decaffeinated. Top selling brands and American favorites are Gloria Jean’s Coffees, Green Mountain and the K-Cup. These fabulous single servicing devices permit you to brew your preferred coffee in under two minutes. It is a ideal for your desk both at home and at the office. Smelling your favorite fresh brewed coffee blend can also add that little jolt of energy to help you get motivated to work.

Almost all tough to understand why Americans’ love coffee; it tastes delicious, it’s good for ones health plus it keeps you on the go. Nothing at all beats the fresh aroma of a freshly brewed pot of hot coffee.

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