American professor installs an ?eye? in his head

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It is normal that most of teachers and parents want to have eyes in the back of their head to see what is happening behind them. Their wish now can become true when a professor at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts has agreed to install a camera in the back of his head and it will show everything he sees to the public. The Iraqi-born professor and artist Wafaa Bilal has just undergone a surgery to install the camera. This is a project commissioned by the Arab Museum of Modern Art in Qatar. The project called “The 3rd I” will take photographs each minute of Wafaa Bilal and these images will be streamed live to the museum.

Wafaa Bilal, the Iraqi-born artist is now a photography professor at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts

Bilal is now co-operating with the Arab Museum of Modern Art in a project called “The 3rd I”

Wafaa Bilal has had a camera implanted in the back of his head. It will capture daily activities even when he takes a shower or walks down the street

All the images that are captured by the waterproof camera will be shown to the public and transmitted to a new Qatari museum called Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art

The surgery to insert the titanium plate inside the head of Bilal was carried out at a piercing studio last month.

The camera is connected to a computer by a wire. Bilal can also take the camera on and off but the titanium plate will remain in his head for a year.

This strange project has created anger among students at the university where Mr Bilal works because they think the camera is not very different from an invasion of their privacy

He used to create an artwork adding him as a suicide bomber in a video game to hunt George W. Bush.



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