Alexandria-Egypt sightseeing tours & shore excursions

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The ancient city of Alexandria is known as home to both the old and new Library of Alexandria, the birth place of Queen Cleopatra, the location of the famous ancient lighthouse, many museums and dozens of other attractions. Those planning Alexandria vacations have a lot of options available, and luckily there are many cheap Egypt vacations that make stops in the city accessible.

Of course like so many other urban locations, Alexandria offers an enormous variety of hotels, rentals and other vacation accommodation choices. Visitors can plan Alexandria vacations by making arrangements for a rental home or apartment, which is a great way to find a location with an ocean view or in a historic neighborhood.

Alternately they could make arrangements to stay in an all inclusive or traditional hotel, and many in Alexandria provide a host of facilities, services and amenities.

Cheap Egypt vacations are available to those willing to do some investigation and Alexandria vacations are usually among the most affordable options. This is generally because the city is not as well known as Egypt’s other large city, Cairo, and also because it is not often associated with the same sort of history that the rest of Egypt so often is. Its location on the Mediterranean coast also makes it a remarkably comfortable place to enjoy a beach vacation or holiday as well.

When planning vacations in Alexandria visitors should make sure they know which part of the city they would like to stay in as this will often make a significant difference in the costs for transportation and accommodation. It is interesting to note however that those enjoying cheap Egypt vacations will want to take the city’s tram, which was begun in the 1860s and is the oldest operating system in all of Africa!

Alexandria vacations can be as luxurious, educational or varied as desired, but it is up to the visitor to do the “leg work” necessary to best understand the layout of the city. There is an “old” quarter with roman ruins, historic forts and many other interesting sites, and there is a more modern area of the city with contemporary shopping malls, luxury hotels and many other amenities.

Those hoping to enjoy cheap Egypt vacations can visit every area of Alexandria to get a taste of Egyptian, and world, history while also partaking of wonderful beaches and warm Mediterranean waters, and it is entirely up to travelers to decide how to spend Alexandria vacations.

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