Abundant opportunities for a flourishing Career in Sharjah

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On the west coast of the United Arab Emirates, lies the beautiful city of Sharjah. The Sharjah Emirate is connected with the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean from both the sides. It is the third most crowded city in UAE and has gained a lot of prominence as the seat of Sharjah Emirate government. The city has a strong and stable economy. The petroleum reserves found here are in abundance and have always kept the city into the limelight. Besides petroleum reserves, mining industry in Sharjah is equally significant. These underground treasures have made the city and its people very rich. In the energy market, despite several developments that occurred recently such as bio fuels and ethanol, petroleum has still retained a prominent position. Since the demand of oil and petroleum is constantly increasing in developing countries, various jobs in Sharjah have been registered recently.

A wide spectrum of crude oil industry jobs is available in Sharjah. Right from the entry level jobs, the sector offers jobs in areas like drilling, administration, medical, management, marketing and many more. There are three sections in the oil industry- Upstream, midstream and downstream, where jobs are available in plenty. Jobs in Sharjah are available in areas like exploration, extraction of crude oil from the reservoirs, and drilling which are included in the under upstream section. The candidates having essential qualifications can get jobs as drilling engineers, geophysicists and production engineers in this section.

In the midstream section, the work includes crude oil transportation via tankers and pipelines to the refineries from the oil fields and crude oil refining. The incumbents possess necessary qualifications to get jobs like pipeline welder, pipeline walker, oil pipe liner, and many more. Jobs in Sharjah are related to refineries as well which generally includes process engineers, chemical engineers and pump system operators. Job seekers looking forward to work in petroleum industry can also get work in an oil rig. To store and house various drilling equipments and facilities for the rig workers, offshore oil rigs structures are used. Sleeping quarters for the staff, mess, offices and common areas are included in these facilities.

The process of recruitment in crude oil industry jobs is normally informal and more hands on than job interviews carried out traditionally. Under the guidance and supervision of a manager or a supervisor, the applicants are given certain specific tasks to solve. Their activities give an idea regarding their behavior, knowledge and motivation towards their work. It is significant to note that the jobs in Sharjah available in this industry demand lot of hard work and physical labor. The candidate may also be expected to travel to different areas of the world where other oil rigs of the company are located. On the whole it is a taxing but highly rewarding career.

Another promising sector where one can get good jobs in Sharjah is the mining sector. A wide variety of jobs are available in this sector where people having no prior experience can also gain employment here. It is advisable for job seekers to start with something small in this sector and then work their way up gradually. The position of a fire watcher is the basic or entry level job for a person who is not well versed with this sector. Candidates with no educational background can be suitable to work as laborers as well. This job does not require any prior experience or specialized qualification.

Wide ranges of jobs in Sharjah are available in the mining offices as well. No physical labor is required for such jobs. The candidates working here must possess the necessary qualifications to do a lot of analytical, statistical and planning work. Some candidates are simply needed to handle paperwork, thus high and specialized education is not required. It can be seen that there are lots of good job opportunities in the crude oil and mining sectors in Sharjah where one can make a rewarding career in this city.

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