A Neighborhood Barbershop Might Seem To Some Americans

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It is a good idea that barbershops offer some light health care services to their customers. I heard that more and more barbers are losing their customers to hair salons year by year and their business has been declining sharply in our country too. I will tell this idea to some of my barber-friends and it might be a help for them! It is a clever idea — the customer gets his blood pressure(BP) checked, and the barber gets an extra income — but, to be frank, if I were the customer, I wouldn’t like to do BP check-up every time I go to the barbershop, neither to be impolite with the barber by refusing the BP check-up. [Editor’s note: To clarify, the barbers did not charge for the blood pressure checks.
I remember one scene at a barbershop of an American movie Coming to America staring Eddie Murphy. Barbershops give customers enough relax time to be interested in any kind of information. Its sure that they can get lot information about how to stay healthy. In Japan People of Nagano prefecture used to die from hypertension thirty years ago. Nagano local government has worked to provide people information. Now Nagano is one of the longest average life expectancy prefectures. What a great idea. I think barbershops all over the world should copy this practice. If possible, beauty salon should do the same. And, please, let the men go to their own barbershops and stop coming to our beauty salon. Leave us alone, please. Barbershop, men’s haircut, black barbershop, male salon article.
The females asked ranged in their opinions from positive to negative. Some use gels and sprays each day and love them, and some prefer not using any hair products because they “kill” your hair. Others only use them occasionally, but warn that you need to research what you use as many products are not only ineffective, but too expensive. As a rule they say that some salon products are more expensive, but worth the results. The males, surprisingly, were pretty unanimous in their use and approval of gels and sprays. They felt that the products helped to keep their hair looking good longer. A few don’t use them, and don’t plan to, but the majority felt that using products helped their hair look better. (Who knew?)
Before we even discuss some great styles for round face shapes, we should discuss the best way to determine what shape your face it. Image of Kelly Osborne to the side who has a classic round face that is balanced with full side-swept bangs, hair worn below her jaw and one lightly flipped. (Image of Kelly from the 1st Annual Teen People “Young Hollywood” Issue Party at Teen People Mansion, August 7, 2004 – Photo by David Edwards – Daily Celeb.com – all rights reserved). While there are lots of suggestions on how to figure out your shape, from outlining your face shape on a mirror with lipstick to draping it with a towel and asking others to help you guess the shape, there is actually a scientific way to determine your face shape once and for all.

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