6 Ways To Get Around Morocco Simply

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There are many ways to get around the constantly intriguing country of Morocco, ranging from renting a car to taking a bus to using an old fashioned bicycle.

There are so many ways to travel in Morocco and have a great time. You can explore this exotic location in many ways to make your vacation exciting and unforgettable. These are the ways to know Morocco.

You can rent a car or hire one for yourself.

A common way to get around Morocco is to rent a car with a driver. You could also rent a private car or travel with a driver knowledgeable not just about Morocco’s events and things to see, but about traditional culture as well. Before you get into the vehicles, be sure that the driver knows where you want to go and won’t steal your money. This is also the best way to travel Morocco if you’re thinking about buying a home in Morocco through Tangier properties, villa resorts, or similar means.

Travel by taxi, either Petit or Grande

There are plenty of taxis you can find in different areas of Morocco to get you to places around town. If you’re trying to get around one town, the Petit taxis, which are color coded for different areas, are a good choice. There are meters on the taxis. If there are as many as six of you and you want to take a longer trip, the Grande taxis are available. Bus stops normally have Grande taxis hovering near by. Grande taxi requires that six seats be occupied before any trips can begin. The fare for these taxis is paid per passenger, not metered. If you want to leave without waiting for the other seats to be filled, you can pay the fare for those seats.

Take the bus

A less expensive option for getting around in Morocco is the to ride the bus. The buses travel a specific, set path, so know your destination before you get on. Take caution on the buses – theft is common.

Relax and ride a train

The train is an excellent method of traveling around Morocco. These trains are quick, inexpensive, comfortable and clean as well. You can also get a first-class spot without a reservation. You’ll also be able to chat with Morocco natives on several occasions about their lifestyle and culture. There are a variety of roads you can take including Casablanca-Marrakech, Casablanca-Mohammed V International Airport, Tangier-Kenitra-Rabat-Casablanca, and of course, Uojuda-Fes-Meknes-Kenitra. You can also travel by night; some Morocco trains leave daily at 9 p.m.

Take a bike ride

Spend at least a day or two biking on the country roads in Morocco. It’s a different, unique way to experience what Morocco is all about. Biking trips can be even more fun if you first have reliable operators arrange your tours. You can also take a bike trip in the Sahara in early spring or late fall. There is no better place than Chefchauouen in the summer and the fall.

Travel by ferry

Ride the ferries to take in the Moroccan breezes. Ports in Tangier, Cueta and Melilla have places for arriving and departing within their cities. Aside from getting around Morocco, you can also take a ferry to Morocco from your country of origin or as a means of returning home. There are ferries that take you to Morocco from Spain, France, and Italy.

You can take a more adventurous route to familiarizing yourself with this charming destination rather than settling for the easiest options for tourist travel. Ride a hot-air balloon for beautiful panoramas of Morocco that are impossible to see on land; you can also go parasailing or ride a camel in the Sahara.

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