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Increasing Engineering Jobs in Oil and Gas Industry of UAE

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The demand for natural and gas crude oil is escalating globally on an unparallel scale. It is very important to understand the importance of this as oil and natural gas are very limited resources. The need for well qualified and experienced employees is always there since technology related to offshore drilling is helping in development of new sources and the discovery of oil as well. This sector has slowly and steadily gained the importance of being a multinational industry. The employment opportunities are also increasing day by day in this sector as oil is distributed to rest of the countries by Saudi Arabia, United States of America, Russia Libya and Iraq. Ample opportunities are there for entry level drilling jobs as well in gas and oil sector in UAE. Some of the most important prerequisites for these oil and gas jobs are hard work, physical fitness and the aptitude to work in a team. Most of the job vacancies are available on the contract basis, particularly for the expats. Also government is focusing on emiratization and thus promoting the education among the residents of the country. The most searched jobs in the oil and gas industry are that of engineering jobs. These jobs demand a degree or diploma in engineering as well as experience in the same domain. There is increasing demand of engineers in the oil and gas industry of UAE, and mostly they are hired from European or Asian countries.   There are also jobs for the unskilled or untrained staff in abundant. The engineering and management jobs in UAE are the highly paid oil and gas jobs in the industry. The Middle Eastern countries are specific about the diplomas and degrees, and one needs to pursue a certification course to secure a job in UAE.   Since industry is now very much dependent on technology and engineering work to improve its process and make the job environment safer, there has been demand for the engineers to design the required machines and ensure smoother process control. The oil and gas industry is growing and thus has diversified its job search options. Nowadays, there are a number of job searching sites that help the potential candidates to secure a good position in the oil and gas industry of UAE as well as other Middle Eastern countries. These job sites require the complete profile along with the resume of the candidate. These websites would then send the notifications of the suitable jobs in the mailbox of the jobseekers. Indeed it has revolutionized the job search process and has ensured that the candidates can search the oil and gas jobs in UAE while sitting in their homes. Since the technology is advancing, the need for some outstanding candidates is required in the industry. Vishal Kr. Singh writes on behalf of, a leading job portal for Middle East, jobs in dubai and Vacancies in Middle East. Info Edge foray into the Middle East is an Endeavour to provide established client base with services that best meet their international requirements as well as expand operations on to a global arena.  

Stage Set for MEDLAB in Arab Health 2012

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An integral part of the Arab Health exhibition and medical congress to be held from January 23-26, 2012 at the Dubai World Trade Centre, UAE, MEDLAB is one of the biggest medical laboratory and technology events in the Middle East. Arab Health. attendance rose to 71,940 in 2011, a 9 per cent increase over 2010, and is expected to rise even further this year. MEDLAB 2012 – Many Important Aims MEDLAB is the ideal platform for the world’s leading manufacturers, laboratory equipment suppliers, traders, service providers and researchers to interact and build business relationships with the medical and scientific professionals in the Middle East and other regions. The goals of MEDLAB are to: Establish the relevance of laboratory accreditation and quality assurance in enhancing laboratory outcomes Consider the new challenges for laboratory leaders Review the new trends in infectious disease management such as the management of emerging transferable multi-drug resistance in GNB Evaluate new biomics for the diagnosis of TB Discuss the latest developments in laboratory diagnosis of mycoplasma and ureaplasma infections Examine the recent advancement in molecular diagnostics of infectious diseases, transplant infections as well as hepatitis C Review the use of new molecular diagnostic tools in cancer management Explain the current management of haemophilia Scrutinize the current clinical management of haemoglobinoplathy / thalassaemia Appraise the ongoing trends in histopathology The new track on Histopathology in MEDLAB 2012 will focus on key current trends in histopathology, cytology, immune-histochemistry and molecular diagnostics for targeted therapies. The space in the MEDLAB section of Arab Health was increased from 4,000 to 6,000 square meters in 2012 to cater to the rising demand for lab products and services in the region. Many leading lab equipment suppliers from all over the world will make their presence felt in this big show. On display will be products from exhibitors such as Beckman Coulter, Randox, Mindray, and so on. MEDLAB Congress – The Educational Element As Arab Health is focused on both exhibition and education, MEDLAB 2012 will feature a comprehensive multi-tracked congress on a varied range of subjects relating the use of science and technology in laboratories and their management. The six lab conference tracks are Laboratory Management, Microbiology, Histopathology, Molecular Diagnosis Clinical Chemistry, and Haematology. Promising Meeting Ground for Industry Professionals Over 71,940 healthcare professionals and over 3,000 exhibiting companies from around the world are expected to attend Arab Health 2012. Participants will get the opportunity to visit 32 international pavilions and exhibitors from over 60 countries. With the regional healthcare industry worth $ 80 billion per year, MEDLAB 2012 promises to be the most happening B2B event in the Middle East. Block Scientific is a global company dedicated to supplying good value laboratory equipment. Our lab products inculde chemistry analyzers centrifuges, hematology analyzers, laboratory microscopes and much more. Website: Find More Arab Articles

Tour To Egypt For The Most Reliable Encounter

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For anyone who is scheduling a visit to Egypt, a cruise alongside the Nile really should be top of one’s listing. The River Nile is often an enormous of the river that runs through the center of Egypt. Its heritage is great with another civilization, and also the historic sites are even now there to be witnessed.Egypt is often a nation positioned in the Northern part of Africa, with the vast majority of the population, approximated at close to 80 million, dwelling alongside the river Nile. It’s one of the many most ancient cultures in the world. Earliest information exhibit that civilization commenced close to 4000BC. Cairo is the Capita city of Egypt, additionally, the one location that all travellers must check out stands out as the Museum of Antiquities. It is a stunning Museum with more than thousands of artefacts. Cairo presents all the amenities of modern-day culture however authentic comfort and ease will be liked alongside the east and north coast.You’ll find above seventy pyramids still prominent in Egypt and the majority are located near River Nile. By far the most preferred of those will be the pyramids of Giza plus the Sphinx. A few of these have been completely designed over 4000 years ago, and so are undoubtedly, one of the most supreme Egyptian value. Egypt is filled with heritage sites, artefacts and temples, when using the adhering to worthy of browsing: The Valley of your Kings is located within the banks of the Nile. Found in Thebes, an area prominent for Kings and is a dwelling to over 70 tombs, exactly where many Egyptian Pharaohs are placed to ease.Karnak Temples may also be a common and integral historical site. Created over 1400 many years , it features 3 significant temples with several more compact ones. Amunis’Temple undoubtedly by far the most sought after. The waters across the Red Sea are appropriate for all kinds of water activity, specially windsurfing,snorkeling and it’s also a good spot for marining in conjunction with water-skiing.Following your cruise alongside the River Nile or your vacation to the city , a visit to the Red Sea shall be a tremendous enjoyment. This lovely coastal region may be very comforting and can make an excellent family vacation for somebody who’s a tad a lot less lively. The Red Sea is popular for its deluxe resorts in addition to incredible sun-drenched shorelines. Egypt offers you a large assortment of accommodation to look after Western design residing, like Egypt hotels and also lodgings. Cost wise, the choices extend from much less than 40 US Bucks for each individual for a bed to greater than $ 350 for each individual for a night time at the fancy resort.The countrywide meal of Egypt is solid soup described as Molohia. Fish is definitely a favored recipe that showcases on many food selection. The Egyptian diet program also includes buffalo,camel,mutton,chicken and also pigeon. Minced meat is done into kebabs in addition to rissoles.guardedness is nearly always required if going to a region exactly where Islamic fanatics are prominent. Although general crime is very low in Egypt, a few Westerners have already been focused by this sort of teams and sometimes bombs are already left in vacation resorts. Racheal is a Travel Consultant in Africa.Her articles can be found at Egypt vacations as well as Egypt holidays

Thailand targets the Middle East

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The Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) has announced that, despite the economic downturn, Thailand is continuing to attract an increasing numbers of visitors from the Middle East. In fact, figures show a sixty seven percent rise in September 2010 compared with September 2009. Whilst the figures for the final quarter of 2010 are still to be confirmed, the Tourism Authority of Thailand expects the overall number of visitors from the Middle East to surpass 2009 levels by at least twenty percent. For the first nine months of 2010 the total number of visitors from the Middle East stands at 392,294 and has already eclipsed the total for the whole of 2009. Pramoth Supyen, Tourism Authority of Thailand director for the Middle East, commented; “2010 proved to be a challenging year for all destinations due to various global and international events and Thailand was no exception. However, I am pleased to announce that due to the combined efforts of our travel trade partners and the continuing popularity of Thailand among residents of this region who appreciate the value and quality of experiences Thailand has to offer, that Thailand continues to grow strongly as a favoured destination of choice, and this is something that we are very pleased about. Given the circumstances a projected increase of twenty percent in 2010 is an outstanding result.” What’s more, in order to attract further visitors to the country and ensure Thailand’s popularity continues well into 2011, a consumer and travel agent competition aimed at Middle Eastern visitors has been launched. The consumer competition titled “Amazing Thailand Travel – Short Story Contest” was launched on January 1st.  Entrants are invited to write a short story based upon a representative image of Thailand.  Currently the competition is only open to Middle Eastern countries; United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iran. The winning entries will be drawn four times throughout the year, with each winner receiving a five day/ four night holiday package to Thailand. In addition, Tourism Authority of Thailand have also introduced a “Best Itinerary Contest” to encourage travel agents to promote Thailand as a unique holiday experience. The competition will also invite travel agent graduates from the ‘Amazing Thailand Academy’ to enter their ideal Thailand itinerary based on a specific theme -  four different themes will be used and the contest will be judged once each quarter during 2011. Applicant’s itineraries will be judged on their ability to incorporate and consider criteria such as, new attractions, authenticity, travelling time and efficiency, relaxation, budget and the “7 Wonders of Thailand” – namely; ‘Thainess’, Treasures, Beaches, Nature, Trends, Wellness and Festivities. The winning entry for the best itinerary on each theme will get the opportunity to live out their dream itinerary, along with a free holiday package for two adults.  Also included will be publication of the winners name, agency logo and entry on to the Tourism Authority of Thailand’s dedicated Middle East web site. All travel agents from the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Iran will be eligible to enter the competition. Full details and conditions on how you can enter either competition can be found on the Tourism Authority of Thailand Middle Eastern web site. Article source Author: Rebecca Smith Phuket Ocean Villas http://www.phuketoceanvillas.com Phuket Ocean Villas specialise in luxury ocean view property in Phuket, Thailand. We have a superb and extensive portfolio of luxury property in Phuket, available in breathtaking locations throughout the island, including new property, resale property and land. With over 20 years of experience in property sales and development and an after-sales service second to none, our focus is on providing choice without wasting your time. This, our integrity and our expertise at matching the right property to the right client make Phuket Ocean Villas the company of choice for the discerning purchaser of property in Phuket.

Precious Ideas on Learning to Speak Arabic

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Maybe you don’t hear that large amounts of people swarm to learn Arabic as so many do in learning Spanish or Chinese. But don’t you think Arabic is worth learning now? Maybe some people really believe so, while others don’t. But the truth is that once you have learned Arabic, you will have another different advantage that others may envy. But how to learn to speak this language today? As one Chinese idiom says: One thousand miles of journey only begins with a simple step. So learning Arabic, we should learn from the most fundamental things like letter and pronunciation. There is no exception for Arabic learning. Arabic letters are obviously different from English letters. On the one hand Arabic letters must have a different pronunciation. On the other hand Arabic letters look rather different from English letters. As for pronunciation acquisition, you should sit down and carefully read each Arabic letter in order to make everything clear. And when learning such letters, you have better write them at the same time. Since the Arabic letters are too difficult to recognize, so you had better write them for memorization. Or if possible, you can always use your computer to type such letters into your computer screen. Certainly if you just remember Arabic letters in such ways, you will never remember them for a long time. In this case you can use materials to assist you. For example, you can try to recite the simple Arabic sentences. Since this way is not boring, so you will learn Arabic letters with great interest. Certainly you can also pick up Rosetta Stone Arabic, then you can follow its steps to practice Arabic letters and pronunciation too. Another wise and widely accepted measure is to speak with the Arabic natives. You see, when speaking English, you must speak with the people around so often. You communicate with each other by speaking different things, and in different situations you apply different expressions to depict your ideas. And it is this way that really makes you speak English as fluently as you think. Now learning to speak Arabic, you should do your best to build such environment for yourself. Speaking with the Arabic natives is the best way for you to choose. You can find those who live nearby and also you can chat with Facebook and Google with Arabic natives too. If you can go to the Arabic speaking nations, that’s much better, for you will be engulfed by Arabic. If you don’t speak it, you will be dispelled. I mean you will never communicate with others freely and your ideas will not be easily communicated. In fact, if you stay at home, using one renowned software like Rosetta Stone Arabic is not half so bad. You can use it to learn vocabulary and you can also use it to speak Arabic like a native. Finally what I always stress is that you should have very firm perseverance. Perseverance is definitely the spiritual power, but it is quite important for one person who is learning this language. When you meet difficulties, you can sit down to think them through; when you face adversity, you can encourage yourself up and proceed continuously; when you don’t want to continue, you can stand up again and plan what you should next. If you don’t have such things, you will easily be lost if too many difficulties appear and flash into your eyes. So with such tips given, I think you will have great potential to speak good Arabic in the years to come. Even though you can find out many ways to learn one new language, you should select one to help you learn it effectively. Rosetta Stone Arabic is supposed to be one of the best ways in Arabic learning. So when you learn Chinese language, you can use Rosetta Stone Chinese. You can accumulate vocabulary and learn how to talk too. Related Arab Articles

Reason Behind Success of Aviation In Abu Dhabi

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An area of about 26,000 square miles makes Abu Dhabi of the most significant and largest among all the seven emirates that combined constitutes the United Arab Emirates. The surrounding of Abu Dhabi also comprises of some of the most renowned destinations in the world, these destinations includes Saudi Arab in it north and Dubai is located in its north-east and is also bordered from east side with the kingdom of Oman. Over the past few years, there have been lots of positive interruptions in terms of development and progress has been occurring in this region and all the countries in surrounding of this region. These development and progress has developed Abu Dhabi from just an ordinary country to the center of attraction for investment and flourish land for tourist attraction developing it as the demanding spot for tourism. Abu Dhabi is hub for all the activities, festivals, events musical festivals and many more actions ultimately attracting millions of travelers and adventure seekers from all the different corners of the world that builds up a great extent of pressure and stress of the Abu Dhabi aviation. Already there are three operational airports working in Abu Dhabi but the up coming strain demands for more number of airports, observing this demanding situation the government decided to construct another new airport that would be completely for the private jets so that some of the burden can be transformed to the Abu Dhabi private aviation sector and the reason behind this was the best airlines that these private aviation system has got. They have all the necessary equipment and latest technologies that would assure the safe and sound journey of their passengers. The different aviation companies working under the hood of Abu Dhabi aviation have found out a great opportunity of expansion and striving to achieve the best that is available. There are several aviation special features that make it unique and exclusive in the line of operations. The best part which makes it different from others is that they choose the candidates with the most effective and brilliant background from the various sectors of aviation and then make them the member of the special aviation team of Abu Dhabi. It is also the most common reason that why the aviation in Abu Dhabi has shown a tremendous growth over the past few decades. Apart from the technological advancement and having a grip over the edge of some of the finest air craft and commercial plans, still the aviation sector beliefs that the main reason behind their success and achievement is their employees and people working on the front line and as well as those who make it all possible from the back end. Hence they value a lot for those who have been a part of the aviation sector and therefore they provide them with the best packages, opportunities and benefits so that they stay local and work with the same determination and courage. Author Bio Eric Jordan has been associated with the aviation industry for many years, with extensive experience of flight operation and aircraft maintenance. He is currently a member of Private Jet Charter’s ground crew and support staff, and is also serving as a flight safety coordinator. طيران | السعودى الطيران | افضل طيران Related Saudi Articles