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Don’t Blame President George W. Bush!

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It used to be that if you had a problem you would blame the Jews, or the Blacks, or the Japanese, or the Germans, or the Russians, or the Mexicans. Today if you have a problem like the war in Iraq, the war in Lebanon, the war in Afghanistan, global warming, record deficits, bankrupt social security, under funded education or a small mole on your arm with a ragged outline and a purplish reddish black color, you blame President Bush. Why so? President Bush should deserve more than that.   The President of The United States of America George W. Bush is reviled by the people of Earth today including by the majority of Americans. His job approval ratings have dropped so low that an oil miner would have a hard time finding them at the bottom of the well. It’s hard to believe that the very same people who elected him President twice hold him in the same regard that they hold J.M.K., John Mark Karr. How could people be so fickle? How many barrels does it take to fill a pickle? Is Laura Bush the burning bush, or is that Hilary Bush? If your name isn’t Bush or Clinton then you aren’t getting into the White House. Old habits die hard, just ask Sam Nunn. America descended from Great Britain and they still love their royalty. Prince Charles said that in his next life he wanted to come back as Camilla Parker Bowles’ bicycle seat. He would be better off praying that in his next life he doesn’t look like Dumbo.   People are ruled by their emotions. If something feels good then they do it and if something feels bad they shun it. Accepting blame for your own mistakes and shortcomings feels bad and so we don’t do it. Instead we scapegoat others. Michael Jackson was idolized by America like the golden cow at Mount Sinai until he had a minor run in with the law. Michael says in his hit song, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror, I’m asking him to change his ways, no message could have been any clearer, if you want to make the world a better place, take a look at yourself, and make that change.”   Everyone wants to change themselves. Nobody is happy with who they are. Amazon is shipping out self help books faster than Pfizer is shipping out valium. Television commercials bombard us constantly with the same message: “If you don’t buy our product, religion, ideology etc. you’re going to have a nervous breakdown at any moment and wind up in Hell forever.” It’s gotten so bad that the biggest problem in the Sudan today is the E.D. crisis. The world welcomed the recent JonBenet Ramsey fiasco because it gave us all a chance to temporarily take our minds off of the 50 wars raging across the globe and watch the 6 year old Angel sing and dance in her beautiful costumes. It made us feel for a moment that perhaps there is justice in this world. Now that justice turned out to be an illusion we have all been thrown back into the paranoia pit. People are so stressed out today around the world that if they didn’t have President Bush to blame for all of their problems they would be throwing themselves in front of subway trains. You can’t even take mascara onto an airplane anymore for fear that you are going to use it to bring down the Sears Center.   We scapegoat others for our problems as a psychological defense mechanism to alleviate stress. The Old Testament is the Holy Scripture of Judaism, Christianity and Islam. In the Old Testament God commanded that once every year on the Day of Atonement for our sins, the High Priest take a goat out into the desert. He laid his hands on the goat’s head and transferred all of the sins of the Jewish nation into the goat and then sent it out into the desert to carry away the sins of the people. Christianity modified this in the New Testament story of Jesus Christ. Jesus took all of the sins of all Christians past, present and future onto himself and off and away of every person who says, “Jesus I believe in you please forgive me.”   The Muslim people believe in the Old Testament, the New Testament, Jesus the Messiah, and they tacked on the Koran. The Muslims have perfected atoning for sin into an art form, praying to God of Mount Sinai aka God the Father, Jesus Christ, The Holy Spirit, Allah (God of Mount Sinai in Arabic), Elohim, Adonai, (God of Mount Sinai in Hebrew) on prayer rugs facing Mecca five times a day for God to wash them clean of sin so that they can go to Heaven. The Muslims, Christians and Jews are so guilt ridden and so uptight that they make Woody Allen look stable.   The World today has Christianity, Islam and Judaism each with Holy Bibles commanding them to massacre every man, woman and child outside of their group for God of Mount Sinai. God is calling upon each of his 3 children to wipe out his other 2 children. This is why we have the Middle East Crisis and the war on terror aka the war between the Christians, Muslims and Jews. George W. Bush did not write these Bibles. This conflict is 4,000 years old. The Assyrians (Syria) conquered 10 tribes of Israel 3,000 years before George W. Bush was born. Babylon (Iraq) conquered the other 2 tribes of Israel 2,500 years before George W. Bush was born. George W. Bush is not to blame for this conflict.   George W. Bush is also not responsible for global warming. President Bush is not a scientist. He didn’t invent the automobile or the factories or begin the industrial revolution. Al Gore is the leading environmentalist on Earth. When he was Vice President he couldn’t get one single Senator to vote for Kyoto.   You can say a lot of things about President Bush but you can never say that he isn’t the ultimate patriot. He is faced with one single question today: “Is it better for Shiite Iran to control and own the entire Middle East, 2/3 of the world’s oil, all the nuclear weapons the oil money can buy, or The United States of America?” Would it have been better for Saddam Hussein to have owned the Middle East today? How can people say that Saddam didn’t have weapons of mass destruction? He used them on his own Kurdish people. He was lusting for nuclear weapons. When Iranian nuclear bombs begin raining down on New York and Miami and Chicago and Los Angeles, then tell me that President Bush was wrong. Then cry about the 3,000 brave soldiers who gave their lives to prevent that day. God Bless President George W. Bush and Laura Bush and their family, and the people of The United States of America who in their wisdom elected President Bush twice. The next President of The United States of America will be Jeb Bush, the rightful heir to the throne.   Karen Fish is a writer currently living in Los Angeles California. The Temple of Love The World Peace Religion Related Lebanon Articles

Egypt Tour Explore the Top Tourist Attractions

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Egypt is located in the North Africa and is one of the highly acclaimed tourist destinations in the entire world. The historical attractions and the striking monuments make this country one of the most beautiful and amazing countries. More than 90 percent of the beautiful attractions in this country lie on the back of the River Nile. This beautiful country is very famous for its ancient civilizations. There is no dearth of attractions in this country there is so many to see and visit and explore its charm and magnificence splendor. This beautiful country is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea on the north, Sudan on the south, the Red Sea and Israel on the east, and Libya on the west. Truly attractions and destinations in Egypt’s are out of this world and no other country can come or matched close to its beauty and charm. As there is no dearth of attractions in this country but visiting all and exploring all in single tour would be a tough task. But do you know where you absolutely must go to say that you had complete tour to Egypt. There are some places that if you miss, you might as well not have even been to Egypt. Valley of the Kings The Valley of the Kings is located on the west bank of the River Niles in Thebes. This is also home to numerous tombs with some of the Pharaohs of the New Kingdom housed inside. This valley of Kings was built in almost 500 years from the 16th to the 11th century. There are more than 62 tombs; ancient rock cut temples and pits. There are two main branches of the Valley of the Kings the east valley and the west valley. The east valley consists of mainly the tombs and in the west valley you will find only a few tombs and some pits. The Giza Pyramids This is a world famous monument in Egypt. This Pyramid of Giza was built as tombs for the great Kings and queens as well. This is the first monument built by the hewn stone and is one of the largest Pyramids in the entire world. There are over 80 Pyramids in this country and almost all of them are located close to gorgeous River Nile. It is estimated that 20, ooo to 30, ooo workers built this Pyramid of Giza in 80 years which rises up to 481 feet and is lovingly called as ‘Great Pyramid’. Cairo Cairo is the capital city of this country and is the most highly acclaimed tourist destinations in this country. This city offers the tourists superb blend of the olden culture and the modern aspect of the life. If you really want to get immerse in the Egypt culture then surely this place is not to be miss with any Egypt travel packages. This famous city is speckled with bazaars and restaurants where one can taste the flavor of Egyptian culture. The famous attractions are Khan al-Khalili market, Egyptian Museum of Antiquities and Old Cairo. Apart from these there are more attractions and destinations which are worth to visit with any Egypt tour package. So it is advisable if you want to see the true beauty of Egypt, plan for tour availing one from the many best Egypt holiday Packages. Hariom Arya is an eminent analyst and writer in Travel & Tourism related topics. He has authored many books on tour guide for Egypt travel packages and tour to Egypt.Find more packages at

Hezbollah Packing Heat For Israel – Who Will Strike First?

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It looks like Hezbollah is gearing up for another conflict with Israel. Hezbollah in Lebanon now claims to have SA-18 surface-to-air missiles. This means, if it is true they will be able to shoot down Israeli helicopters, and F-16s when the Israelis defend against the next barrage of rocket attacks. It’s hard to say how many SA-18′s Hezbollah actually happens to have, but it makes sense that they would have some. Luckily, Israeli aircraft also have flare systems which are shot out the back of the aircraft and will attract the surface to air missiles to prevent being shot down. But that doesn’t mean that Hezbollah will not end up shooting down a few of their very expensive aircraft with these handheld anti-aircraft missiles. Hezbollah also claims that they have three times as many rockets as they did three years ago when they attacked Israel. If this is true that would be in the neighborhood of some 40,000 rockets. Interestingly enough, Hamas has also claimed that they have a stockpile of rockets. These are not defensive rockets, these are offenses of weapons that are shot indiscriminately into the Jewish state, into civilian populations. During the last two conflicts both with Hamas and Hezbollah, the Israeli military defended itself excellently, and put down both conflicts very quickly. To their credit Israel has an incredibly strong military, enough to overpower Hamas, Hezbollah and even an attack from Syria same time, which is interesting because if Hamas and Hezbollah both attack at the same time and there is any kind of conflict between Iran or Syria they could be attacked from all at the same time. Now, the Israelis are employing UAVs and they’re flying 24 hours a day, to try to find the locations of these rockets, and the shipments coming into Hezbollah, which will be used later in the future to attack the Jewish state. During the last two conflicts Israel knew of many of the targets where rockets were stashed, but not all of them, perhaps with this new technology, surveillance and increased Israeli intelligence they will be able to defend much quicker and more accurately. It’s doubtful that anyone would put their money on Hezbollah if they were to bet who would survive in another duplicated rocket attack. Of course, Hezbollah are masters of the media, and merely launching an attack could help them gain strength as the Israelis retaliated to defend their civilian civilization from terrorist attacks. Things are going to get very interesting in that part of the world once again, and it probably won’t be long now. Please consider all this. Lance Winslow – Lance Winslow’s Bio. Lance Winslow is also Founder of the Car Wash Guys, a cool little Franchise Company;

Are French people better at handling divorce than Americans

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  Are French people better at handling divorce than the Americans’ is a question which doesn’t have a definite answer. However, whether one is going to take decision for divorce in France or America, this is always difficult to go through it. A divorce is not a cakewalk and can be very stressful and affect your health as well. You may not be aware of all the legal technicalities pertaining to divorce; hence it’s advisable to hire one of the great divorce lawyers available in your area. Don’t compromise on the experience and quality that qualified divorce lawyers bring along with them. Go for a divorce attorney who will understand your position and be willing to fight for your rights while also extending his emotional support to you. If you get into the debate whether the French people are better at handling divorce and marriage than their counterparts, statistics says the fewer French people are getting married and in the event that they divorce, they are not as vitriolic as the Americans. They seem to find an amicable way out every time they want to step out of the marital union. If a marriage doesn’t work out the French don’t often get down to the business of bad mouthing, demeaning ,accusing each other and making a fuss of it. They seem to be more acceptable to the differences and lack of compatibility between the spouses and let the life take its own course. They appear to recognize and appreciate the value of the times and memories lived together as man and wife. It looks as if they are more acceptable to the fact that not all marriages have a fairy tale finish, some may even end up in heart break. The motto seems to be live and let live. However, the same can’t be said about the Americans who still indulge in the blame game and drag the case to the court which sometimes can have devastating effect on the life ahead. Divorce issues may affect a person psychologically and he/she may not be able to push his/her life forward even if that is the only thing that may be left to do. One can’t spend his entire life brooding over what has already happened in the past. Try to break the shackles that try to bind you to the painful memories. For mental peace try doing divorce meditation which will help you relax and maintain your mental balance. Always try to reach an amicable separation from the person who once you had fallen in love with. Respect the relationship that once you both shared and for its sake refrain from mudslinging. However, the pressure of going through a divorce is like going through hell. Hence, in order to save yourself the mental ordeals always prefer having an able divorce attorney who you can share all your apprehensions and fears with. Make sure the divorce lawyer is trustworthy and doesn’t breach your trust upon him.   I am Aaron Dishon providing information about Divorce Lawyers. I am giving some top most divorce lawyers list great divorce lawyers & how to identify good divorce lawyer etc. More Arab Americans Articles

Take A Break To Plan Luxury Holidays In Morocco This Year

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Vibrant colours and ancient culture, beautiful cities and endless golden beaches – a holiday in Morocco is definitely an exotic experience. Explore the country’s rich cultural history while staying with friends/family in some of the famous luxury boutique hotels or charming private luxury Moroccan riads. Unwind on breathtaking beaches, play a round at one of the many spectacular golf courses, get your adrenaline racing in North Africa’s adventure capital and more by planning luxury holidays Morocco. A Marrakech city break is exactly what should come to mind when daydreaming of fascinating itineraries during the day and luxury accommodations in luxury boutique hotels at night. Luxury holidays in Morocco bring the best of modern-day comfort with a whirlwind adventure through the past. From royal mountains to elegant minarets, Morocco holidays are a masterpiece of captivating sights and sounds. Some of the major highlights Morocco are: Marrakech Located at the foot of the Atlas Mountains, the majestic city of Marrakech is large, lively, full of interesting history and amazingly beautiful. There is a lot to see and do in Marrakech city. Some of the highlights include the central square of Djemma el Fna, the Saadian Tombs, the souqs and the Marjorella Gardens. You can also opt for a stay in luxury Moroccan riads, which will definitely enhance your visit to this fascinating city. Fes (Fez) Known as the most complete medieval city of the Arab world, Fes is an appealing and strange blend of middle ages that meets the modern world. The astonishing medina city of Fes El Bali is worth a few days walking in itself. Major highlights include the Merenid tombs, the Mellah and the Royal Palace. Essaouira A place that is the favourite with independent travellers, Essaouira is a great place to get away from the heat and buzz of the bigger cities. Major Highlights include strolling through the town’s beautiful narrow streets filled with red and blue painted houses, the beach the ramparts, and listening to traditional music of the Gnawas. Apart from these major cities, its recommended to check out various delectable dishes of Moroccan cuisine that is sure to have your taste buds palpitating. The best way to enjoy Morocco is to book luxury tailor made holidays with professional holiday makers. You are also advised to plan your luxury holidays Morocco well in advance to avoid any undue stress. Search online to research the best different Morocco holiday packages and opt for a bespoke holiday. Schedule your trip to Morocco this year by booking customized luxury holidays to Morocco. Quintessentially Travel is a bespoke luxury travel company that is known to provide customized tours to world-wide countries. Book luxury holidays Morocco at to experience luxury at its best. More Morocco Articles

Practice Arabic With Multiple Measures

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Since online resources are fertile and nutritious, why not shift to the Internet while you learn to speak Arabic? In fact, this question from me is false, for many people now have realized the immense power of the Internet and have already transferred to the Internet when they learn this language. But what materials should you get by searching the great search engines like Google and Yahoo? Probably you have no a very clear about this, so let’s see the details one by one. Search for the free or inexpensive lessons. Once you get online, your way will be open more widely than ever before. No matter where you come from, you can search for those things that are maybe beyond your borders easily and quickly, for our world has been closely connected by the Internet. Now I suppose you log onto the English websites where there are all sorts of free Arabic lessons, by which you can learn Arabic from the beginning to the end without too much trouble. What I can introduce to you is the BBC website. Maybe you think the BBC website only opens the English learning channels, but the truth is that it includes dozens of foreign languages including Arabic. You might as well get there and try the lessons it offers you. If you are an Arabic beginner, the best thing for you to do is to have access to the Aabic alphabet and learn each Arabic letter carefully so that you will have an accessible pronunciation while speaking with others. Arabic people often use “Kh” and “ta”, you have to spend enough time practicing such sounds once you begin learning Arabic letters. Once you have learned the letters, you should then advance to Arabic words. Yeah, you can search for all kinds of Arabic vocabulary learning tools online, but you should well-use the most suitable one you have found to learn Arabic words. Probably there are all kinds of vocabulary-collecting software available online, you can try them. But I have to assure you learning Arabic words seperately is not a good choice. So what is the good choice for you? Choose the one that can help you associate words with speaking, reading and writing, for words are always embedded in language. Rosetta Stone Arabic is just this one that can help you do this kind of job. You don’t have to recite words one by one any more, for Rosetta Stone offers enough amounts of corresponding pictures that must help you feel Arabic words. Not only can you learn words from this software, but also you can learn how to make up complete sentences with it. It doesn’t feature teaching you the Arabic grammar, it only helps you realize what you need to know while speaking Arabic. But Rosetta Stone Arabic is not an encyclopedia for you to learn this beautiful language. What lese should you learn then, my friend? I guess you should have a sip of the Arabic culture and custom. Why should you do this? Because people living in different regions are accompanied by different kinds of cultures, and there is no exception for the Arabs. In their daily life, Arabs must speak many things related to their personal and public things, both of which must boast some tips on the Arabic culture and custom. So when you know about such things, you will become more and more excellent in speaking this language and have a deeper understanding of this language. Certainly the interpersonal communication shouldn’t be ignored at this moment. I mean you shouldn’t desert any chance to communicate with the Arabic speakers or those who speak good Arabic, for this kind of communication can make your Arabic become more flexible and practical. Also I should defend that using Rosetta Stone is not a bad way, for the different levels of virtual conversations inside it will probably make you feel that you are speaking with the native Arabs. Is this cool? Even though you can find out many ways to learn one new language, you should select one to help you learn it effectively. Rosetta Stone Chinese is supposed to be one of the best ways in Chinese learning. And when you learn French, you can use Rosetta Stone English. You can accumulate vocabulary and learn how to talk too. More Arab Articles