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Safe7a o Tewaita – ***صفحة وطويتا ***وائل كفوري

Safe7a o Tewaita – ***صفحة وطويتا  ***وائل كفوري

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صفحه وطويتا من عمري ورميتا يا خساره حبيتا وما بتستاهل حب بندم على الماضي ع حب مش عادي شو راح ع الفاضي دقات من هالقلب كل شي انتهى وصعبه عليي لكانت عيني تصفي غ… Video Rating: 4 / 5

Thaar Al3ali , Watfi , Arabic music

Thaar Al3ali , Watfi , Arabic music

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Arabic Music. Outside the Burj Khalifa. 38c lots of humidity. Fountains were much better than I expected. Very relaxing. Video Rating: 4 / 5

Role of social workers in health care in Saudi Arabia

Role of social workers in health care in Saudi Arabia

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The medical social service became the concern of the Ministry of Health for its objective of providing social care alongside medical treatment, thus addressing patients’ feelings of security regarding their future and the future of their family. Attention is paid to the humanitarian aspect in the life of the patient and helps to speed healing and to benefit from medical treatment (Policies and Procedures Manual socio-medical service, Guide, 2008). Medical social services are important because they provide patients with comfort, stability and tranquillity. They also help in the recovery of a patient’s abilities, allowing him/her to be a useful member of society (Policies and Procedures Manual socio-medical service, Guide, 2008). Medical social services are a key area in the social work profession. They are performed in different medical institutions such as hospitals and health centres. The roles of medical social service professionals are effectively integrated with the rest of the team members at such institutions, so that the process eventually bears fruit for providing outstanding health and social care  for patients (AL Baz, 1999). According to Berkman, “The hospital … must become part of a primary care network of community-oriented delivery systems focused on chronic disease management. In this model, the social worker treats the patient throughout the continuum of care. Therefore, dynamic training that addresses the changing health care environment will be needed” (1996, p. 541). The government is interested in the health care sector because officials believe that there is a close relationship between providing health services to citizens and the possibility of achieving the government’s goals of overall development (al Shahd, 1992). Healthy development is one of the primary intentions in the Kingdom and it is difficult to then turn to the social development without private health development in the medical field to improve the level of the health conditions of all through medical services from both curative and preventive aspects (Al Qaod, 1993) The importance of medical social services in this area was supposed to involve the individual social worker as a member of the medical team, who works with the rest of the team to develop and improve health care (Al Qaod, 1993), (Job Description for Medical Social Service, 2001). The professional practice of social workers in the medical field is of a humanitarian nature in first instance and is of interest to all specialists in this area as it complements the other roles exercised by specialists in hospitals and is an important part of service in the social framework of a community’s goals. This is to be achieved based on the concepts of interdependence and social solidarity and humanitarian support of socio-psychological nature of patients of all kinds in order to contribute to the integrated treatment plan for them (medical – psychosocial (Job Description for Medical Social Service, 2001). The author is associated with Term Paper Writing Services. The author will assistc you with CUstomized Term Papers. Saudis changing Wheels/ tyres while driving on TOYOTA FJ CRUISER! Total Saudi MADNESS!

Ways to Learn Arabic

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The best way to learn a foreign language is to combine all the proper ways you can find within your ability. You cannot learn one new language in only one way, but you are helped by so many ways combined together. Learning Arabic is one of the examples for you to mingle the ways you can find. Firstly, go to the classroom. Traditionally we are taught by our teachers in the classroom. Now since we still want to learn something though not like ever before, why shouldn’t enroll in an Arabic class? Honestly Arabic is not the top popular second languages in the world like English and Spanish, but Arabic can be one of the most important languages to learn for the people from all parts of the world. In fact, if you search the learning materials for Arabic in Google, you will probably find numerous. This can easily prove that Arabic is the language that people care and love to learn to some degree. Going to the classroom, you can have a qualified teacher to aid you and correct your mistakes whenever you think you need such aids. Certainly the classroom learning is sometimes boring, especially for those who cannot bear the restrictive ways to learn a new language. Secondly, speak Arabic as much and often as you can manage. Before you really commence your Arabic learning, you should be well prepared to open your mouth. Actually Arabic like other languages is one language and must have the traits of all the languages. One feature of all languages in the world today is that you should speak them to make them alive and usable. So Arabic shares this feature too. When you have just learned one pronunciation of one word, you should carefully practice it repetitively until you finally internalize it. Certainly the best way to practice Arabic is to live near the Arabic speaking people in the Arabic speaking regions. You need to observe their speaking and try to imitate them and then speak your own words. Thirdly, use the software program to conduct your Arabic learning. Rosetta Stone Arabic is among the best language learning software items currently. No matter how you search in Google about the language learning software or even the language learning tools, you will easily see Rosetta Stone in the searched results. Don’t have the mal-intention that Rosetta Stone has only got fame but without the real power to launch your Arabic learning! With this software, you will certainly have so much ease to learn Arabic words and speak Arabic. If you have much difficult to install the Rosetta Stone software, you can search the websites like and to help you out. Fourthly, make Arabic flashcards for yourself. In learning English and French we use flashcards, why shouldn’t we adopt this this way when learning Arabic? Using the flashcards, you can accumulate Arabic words everywhere. In the classroom you can use them, you can also take them out to read while you are waiting in a line to buy a plane ticket. You will have less restriction in learning to remember more new Arabic words. But I think you had better mark the phonetics on each flashcard so that you will have a clear mind on how to speak each word correctly and learn the phonetics’ rules at the same time. Apart from such useful methods, you can of course detect other accessible ways to operate Arabic learning. I have no any right to restrain you into the four ways I have just mentioned here. I think you need to be creative to learn a useful language like Arabic. Even though you can find out many ways to learn one new language, you should select one to help you learn it effectively. Rosetta Stone Arabic is supposed to be one of the best ways in Arabic learning. And when you learn Chinese, you can use Rosetta Stone Chinese. You can accumulate vocabulary and learn how to talk too. More Arab Articles