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Ragheb Alama & Legha–Enta Ya Ghali (Duo)

Ragheb Alama & Legha–Enta Ya Ghali (Duo)

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Ragheb Alama & Legha–Enta Ya Ghali (Duo) Video Rating: 4 / 5

Religious Tourism in Saudi Arabia

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Religious tourism in Saudi Arabia has played a key role in the development of real estate and infrastructure, particularly in Makkah province. Regarded as one of the most important cities in the religion of Islam, Makkah is home to some of the holiest sites for Muslims, including the Masjid al-Haram. It is here that Muslims from around the world come to perform Umrah and the Hajj. During the Hajj, millions of people come to worship in unison and in Islam every adult with the financial and physical capacity, is expected to perform this pilgrimage once in a lifetime. In addition to Makkah, the holy city of Medina welcomes hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, who come to the area to visit the Tomb of the Prophet Mohammad and worship at local mosques. The level of the influx of tourists to Saudi Arabia is having a major influence on the region and has resulted in large scale development of tourist facilities, infrastructure and real estate. In Mecca alone, the estimated revenue from the Hajj pilgrimage in more than one hundred million dollars. The level of inbound travel to the region has also had a knock on effect for other major companies in the Kingdom such as Saudi Arabian airlines which generates huge revenues from religious tourists. In particular the hotel industry in Makkah, Medina and across Saudi Arabia has benefitted from the high number of tourists requiring short term accommodation and now employs thousands of local people to service their guests year round. In addition to direct revenue from tourist services, the vast amount of tourists and additional workforce required to service them have placed huge strain on local infrastructure. As a result, development of infrastructure and real estate projects in recent years has progressed rapidly in recent years. Makkah is now home to many modern skyscrapers and shopping malls. Infrastructure, in terms of local road networks and Jeddah airport, the closest international airport to the religious sites, have been rapidly upgraded to cater for the large number of religious tourists entering Saudi Arabia each year. The effect of religious tourism in Saudi Arabia has been significant and widespread. The benefits to the economy, tourism, infrastructure and real estate development as well as increased employment opportunities for local Saudis have played an important role in recent years in Saudi Arabia. In years to come, religious tourism is likely to play an even broader role in the Saudi Arabian economy as the government strives to develop a more diverse economy to supplement the traditional revenues representing Saudi Arabia’s position as the largest exporter of petroleum in the world. Tim Waters is the author of this article on Religious Tourism. Find more information on Saudi Arabia here. This the first 7 days from saudi arabia we go and see some of the major landmarks in riyadh like Kingdom Centre Tower, Al Faisaliah Tower and the camel marke… Video Rating: 4 / 5

INFOGRAPHIC: Palestinian labor discrimination in Lebanon

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INFOGRAPHIC: Palestinian labor discrimination in Lebanon Tackling issues such as health care coverage, job precarity and Palestinians' contribution to the Lebanese economy, the series shows how Lebanon's policies affect refugees who have lived in the country for decades. “Palestinians have been here for 60 … Read more on al-Akhbar English AnyCare24 teams up with Brooks House Office Director and RN Debbie Hendrickson said Dr. Bill Robertson recently opened AnyCare24, located at 702 S. Cumberland St. in Lebanon, in October and has a goal to give back. AnyCare24 has chosen four different charities to give back to: The … Read more on Lebanon Democrat

The Music of the Arabs Book/CD (Paperback)

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The Music of the Arabs Book/CD (Paperback) Published by Amadeus Press 260 Pages Book/CD Pack by Habib Hassan Touma Author: Habib Hassan Touma Encompassing a history of more than 2000 years, the music of the Arabs is unique among the world’s various musical cultures. This book presents an overview of Arabic music throughout history and examines the artistic output of contemporary musicians, covering secular and sacred, instrumental and vocal, improvised and composed music. Typical musical structures are elucidated, and a detailed bibliography, a discography (mainly covering the last 50 years) and a guide to the Arabic alphabet for English speakers are also provided. The paperback edition (00331635) includes a CD of seven traditional Arabic pieces performed by contemporary Arab musicians. List Price: $ 22.95 Price: $ 17.77 Your browser does not support iframes.  LP Arabic OUM KALSOUM Alkalb Yachal Kouli Jamil EX ♫ Sono Cairo 3320 $20.00 (1 Bid)End Date: Sunday Dec-24-2017 11:22:49 PSTBid now | Add to watch list  LP Arabic MOHAMED ABDEL WAHAB Kolleda Kan Leh live VG+ rare ♫ Cairophon $20.00 (0 Bids)End Date: Sunday Dec-24-2017 11:10:50 PSTBid now | Add to watch list Related Arabic Music Products

Adel Imam Film : The Taxi King – عادل امام في فيلم : ملك التاكسي

Adel Imam Film : The Taxi King – عادل امام في فيلم : ملك التاكسي

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Description: The taxi king was released in 1976 .This a comedian movie with the participation of few of Egyptian movie leader In this film adel imam play the… Video Rating: 4 / 5 شعبان تحت الصفر – عادل إمام – Sha3ban Ta7t Elsefr – Adel Emam Also Staring: Iman, Es3ad Younes, Gamil Rateb and Emad Hamdi. Video Rating: 3 / 5