11 Proven Ways to Lower Heart and Stroke Risk For Older Americans

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Recently three of the largest health organizations in the US joined together to issue a joint release. The report was issued by The American Heart Association, The American Cancer Society and The American Diabetes Association. This report stated that by adhering to 11 proven preventative measures people could lower their risks of stroke and heart disease and extend their life expectancy.

When the public is asked, “how would you improve your cardiovascular health”? most will tell you, stop smoking, lose weight, exercise and watch your blood pressure. It is not that we do not know these things but rather it is difficult to stay motivated to find the time to make the life changes necessary.

Ira S. Nash a cardiologist from Mount Sinai School of Medicine, recommends taking small steps and go slowly when making health changes. Focus on what you can accomplish on a day-to-day basis that will improve your health and take a balanced approach to lowering your risk for heart disease and stroke.

Before undertaking the 11 recommended measures talk to your health care professional about following the 11 proven measures. The measures are:

1. Take an aspirin (81mg one baby aspirin) for women over 65 or men of any age.

2. Lower LDL cholesterol to less than 160 mg/dl in low risk people.

3. Lower LDL to less than 130 mg/dli high risk individuals.

4. Lower LDL to less than 100mg/dl in patients with coronary artery disease.

5. Lower LDL to less than 100 mg/dl in diabetic patients.

6. Lower blood pressure to below 140/90 mmHg in non diabetic people.

7. Lower blood pressure to 130/90 mmHg in diabetics.

8. Lower hemoglobin A1C to less than seven percent in diabetic patients.

9. Reduce fasting plasma glucose to less than 110 mg/dl in all older adults

10. Quit smoking.

11. Reduce weight to a body mass index (BMI) of less than 30. Calculate your BMI by dividing your weight in pounds by your height in inches squared and multiplying the result by 703. A BMI between 25 and 29.9 is considered overweight and a BMI of thirty or greater is considered obese.

Take your time, relax you do not have to change overnight. All 11 of the proven measures can be accomplished naturally. For steps two through five you might want to consider raw oatmeal for breakfast three times a week for a start. Good luck with persistence anyone can accomplish these 11 steps.

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